The EuStillness Technique: Where Does It Come From and How Does It Work? (Part 7)

The arrow from our previous blog represents the ability of your mind to create successful action, to get what you want. When you nock the arrow but have not yet pulled it back, the arrow is just sitting there. If you let go of the arrow at this point it just falls to the ground. This represents the inactivity of your mind during deep sleep. If you were to pull the arrow back several inches, this would represent the potential of your mind during everyday common consciousness. Pulling the arrow back just a few inches and releasing it propels the arrow forward but nowhere near its full potential. It may take several attempts to hit the target, if at all. Taking a full draw on the arrow and then releasing it toward the target represents acting from our full potential. A full draw is like taking your awareness through common consciousness all the way to pure awareness and Eufeeling.

Now here is the beautiful thing about the EuStillness Technique. After you have fully drawn the arrow and it is in the state of dynamic rest, the next thing you do is point the arrow at the target. With the arrow fully drawn and pointing at the target, you stop doing and instantly the arrow flies true and strikes the center ring. When you do the EuStillness Technique you draw the mind fully to pure awareness, become aware of EuStillness, and then Eufeeling. Becoming aware of EuStillness sets your mind at dynamic stillness ready for fullness of action. Becoming aware of Eufeeling is like pointing the arrow at the target, and with the full potential of EuStillness behind it, you hit the target. Once aware of EuStillness, mentally you do nothing while Eufeeling moves you, your body and mind, toward hitting your target, be it personal, financial, educational, or spiritual.

That’s it! As you can see, there’s nothing to it. In almost everything we do in life we put emphasis on the doing and ignore the not-doing. Doing and doing, then doing some more, is tiring. Everything is thrown out of balance when we don’t factor in silent, harmonizing stillness. How do we “factor in” dynamic stillness? Well, I think it is time you learned the EuStillness Technique, don’t you?

Main Points from The Eustillness Technique Blogs

  • Einstein and others have theoretically established a non-moving universe.
  • Timelessness (non-movement) is the touchstone for deepest success.
  • Every created thing is made of two parts, energy and form.
  • Pure awareness is “nothing”, absolute stillness.
  • A perception instantly affects both body and mind.
  • The perception of nothing (stillness) is necessary for dynamic activity.
  • The perception of EuStillness is awareness of pure awareness while thinking and doing.

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