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When Nothing Works Try Doing Nothing

Dr. Frank Kinslow




When Nothing Works Try Doing Nothing:
How Learning to Let Go Will Get You Where you Want to Go

(Plus Free Bonus Video included)

Based on the latest scientific thinking, this groundbreaking book will introduce you to the extraordinary benefits of doing nothing. Within these pages a new philosophy of human potential is born. You will learn ten practical techniques that require little effort, no knowledge, no mind, no emotions, and not even the belief in the process itself. Results begin immediately and continue to grow long after this book is set aside. Written as if you are right there with him, Dr. Kinslow will enlighten and inspire you to the joys, the possibilities, and the power of doing nothing.

Bonus Video:

When you purchase a copy of Dr Kinslow’s latest book, When Nothing Works Try Doing Nothing, from the this website, you will receive a special bonus video of Dr Kinslow introducing the book and teaching the Nothing Technique. The Nothing Technique is a simple procedure for experiencing nothing, the blank screen of the mind, pure awareness. Works in minutes. Great as a meditation by itself. Creates immediate and long-term healthful benefits.

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