AweFeeling – Living in Bliss Hybrid Event (Zoom Live – Stream)

Frankfurt, Germany

Have you ever wondered how the spiritually enlightened do it? How they find bliss and reverence in the same world that brings such strife and struggle to others? Uncover the key to awe and ecstasy. Find appreciation and gratitude in the ordinary and routine. Discover AweFeeling.

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Overcoming Fears & Phobias Webinar Download

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Learn Quantum Entrainment® Without Leaving Home!
Now you can find out what has tens of thousands of people around the world so excited and you can do it in the comfort of your own home. Like the QE workshops, the QE Webinar is taught personally by the discoverer and only teacher of Quantum Entrainment, Dr. Frank Kinslow.

Who can take the Quantum Entrainment Webinars?

The QE Webinar will show you how to find and refine that part of you that heals quickly and deeply. It’s fun, it’s fast, and it’s real! You do not need any special talents or training. Nor do you need faith or belief as QE is a simple scientific technique that anyone can do. If you are reading these words you have everything you need to learn Quantum Entrainment on the web. If you have read one of the Quantum Entrainment books, or even taken a QE workshop then the QE webinar will make an excellent review. You may also learn updated techniques, and of course, you have a chance to interact personally with Dr. Kinslow during the two live Q&A sessions. As a gift, a QE Webinar is a wonderful way to say “thank you” or express your gratitude to a loved one.

Basic and Advanced Webinar

The Basic and Advanced Healing Webinar includes 12 comprehensive, fully packed lessons, two of which are live question and answer lessons with Dr. Kinslow. The Q&A sessions are lively, personalized, and give you a chance to refine your QE techniques.

This Webinar will show you how to, in just minutes, create meaningful healing events in yourself, others and even your pets. You will learn how do QE to help alleviate physical pain and emotional discord, learn to heal over great distances, apply its regenerating effects to relationships and financial concerns, and even teach your children. You will learn how to do QE in a group, how to host QE group practice sessions, and how to set up your own fun filled 90 day program for inner harmony and outer healing.

For your convenience, each lesson of the QE webinar including the two live Q&A sessions will be available to view for two weeks.


Eufeeling Intensive Webinar

Learn how to quickly fulfill your desires while achieving a deep sense of inner peace and accomplishment. In this groundbreaking webinar you will be personally guided by Dr. Frank Kinslow, the discoverer and developer. You will enjoy a nurturing, inspiring, and tranquil atmosphere while learning to fulfill your deepest desire. Founded on the latest research, both scientific and esoteric, the Eufeeling Intensive Webinar will give you everything you need to bring fun, fulfillment, and success back into your life. You really will be astonished at how fast it works.

Here’s what you will learn:

• How QE Intention instantly and safely satisfies your desire
• How science has found traditional intention techniques can be harmful
• How to be pulled by love, not pushed by fear
• How to experience a deeper perception of Universal Love (Eufeeling)
• A powerful intention technique with plenty of time to practice

Prerequisite for the Eufeeling Webinar – Basic and Advanced Workshop or Webinar. Proof of Completion for Prerequisites must be sent us prior to the start date of the webinar.
For your convenience, each lesson of the Eufeeling Intensive Webinar will be available to view for two weeks.


Quantum Shift in Your Business Webinar: "7 Secrets to Better Business and Vibrant Health"

You want your work to be rewarding, right? You want to complete your projects with success, feel good about yourself and be appreciated for the work you do.
You may have once dreamed of how successful and happy you would be. But, as time passed, your dream was buried under longer, more demanding hours at work, skyrocketing stress levels, perhaps declining health and escalating family tensions.

I once suffered these same challenges. But, because I was in the right place at the right time, I discovered a proven and practical way to be more productive and successful without sacrificing job, finances, family or health. And, I can show you how to do it!
I’ve taught my method to people with conflicts and worries like yours from Japan to Germany to the Golden Gate. They became more productive, less stressed, healthier and happier… And, you can too!

The Art of EuStillness Webinar

Live with Dr. Frank Kinslow

You might not think so at first, but there is high spiritual power in knowing the purpose of stillness. Stillness is the primal substance of life and the cause of creation. The Art of EuStillness Webinar will quietly unfold its petals, gently encouraging in you the kind of illumination that is unmoving and complete. There you will experience life’s most profound perception, EuStillness, the heart, soul, and starting point of any serious spiritual journey.

Transcend the rigors of the material world and settle into stillness live with Dr. Frank Kinslow.

QE Practical Healing Webinar

Live with Dr. Frank Kinslow

If you want the newest development in healing this is it – the QE Practical Healing Webinar. Worldwide, Quantum Entrainment® has been one of the most successful healing systems of all time. Now discover QE Spacing and raise extraordinary healing to its highest expression. QE Spacing is a rare merging of scientific and esoteric procedures that excite and delight. Join us and learn to heal with power, compassion and joy.

Some of what you will learn:

• Balancing your spine – decreasing joint pain – relaxing muscles
• Body points that relieve emotions
• Supercharge other healing techniques & therapies making them easy and effective.
• Make QE Healing Water for all occasions
• How Nature heals

If you are looking for the healing event of a lifetime then reserve your place now.

Prerequisite: Basic & Advanced seminar or Webinar. Proof of Completion must be emailed to us prior to the start date of this webinar.
For your convenience, each lesson replay will be available for two weeks.

The Art & Science of Happiness Webinar

Take control of your health and happiness. Learn a simple, immediately successful system that works! Then modify it to meet your individual happiness and health needs.

Truly Happy people are…
• More energetic and liked by others
• They are better at their jobs and earn more money
• They have higher self-esteem and a richer network of friends
• They have tougher immune systems

Discover and Perfect…
• How to improve your personal happiness quotient
• How to tell real happiness from the illusion of happiness
• How to activate the Kinslow Emotional Body Technique
• How to custom-make a happiness self-session for optimal happiness.
• How to share your happiness with others

Learn from the master! Each lively session is presented personally by Dr. Frank Kinslow. You can expect the same clarity, simplicity, effectiveness and fun which trademarks his teaching with audiences worldwide. All participants will gather with Dr. Kinslow in a virtual private meeting room you will enter via your personalized link.


QE Relationship Webinar

Humans must share with other humans. It’s not just social, it’s survival!

Loneliness, frustration, anger, self-doubt, exhaustion, insomnia, hypertension, heart disease, depression, and suicide are symptoms of broken relationships. Become healthy. Become happy. Feel the joys of the enlightened relationship, within yourself, and with others.

In this groundbreaking webinar you will learn:

-The secret of the enlightened relationship
-The 3 stages of a relationship
-The 5 unbreakable principles of giving & receiving
-Healing with Universal Love

AweFeeling - Living in Bliss Webinar

Have you ever wondered how the spiritually enlightened do it? How they find bliss and reverence in the same world that brings such strife and struggle to others? Uncover the key to awe and ecstasy. Find appreciation and gratitude in the ordinary and routine. Discover AweFeeling.