The Art & Science of Happiness Seminar

November 10 – 11, 2024 | Bucharest, Romania

The Art & Science of Happiness Seminar

Prepare yourself for the seminar of a lifetime. Learn how to quickly fulfill your desires while achieving a deep sense of inner peace and accomplishment. In this groundbreaking seminar you will be personally guided by Dr. Frank Kinslow, the discoverer and developer. You will enjoy a nurturing, inspiring, and tranquil atmosphere while learning to fulfill your deepest desire. Founded on the latest research, both scientific and esoteric, the Eufeeling Intensive Seminar will give you everything you need to bring fun, fulfillment, and success back into your life. You really will be astonished at how fast it works.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • How QE Intention instantly and safely satisfies your desire
  • How science has found traditional intention techniques can be harmful
  • How to be pulled by love, not pushed by fear
  • How to experience a deeper perception of Universal Love (Eufeeling)
  • A powerful intention technique with plenty of time to practice

“I am a very lucky man indeed! I was extremely fortunate to discover the revolutionary healing technique, Quantum Entrainment, which has inspired healing and harmony for many thousands around the globe. But it looks like Fate was not done with me for I have discovered a second, truly revolutionary system that makes people happier, healthier, and more successful.” Dr. Frank Kinslow

Do you have any of these symptoms?

  • Trouble sleeping? Wake up exhausted?
  • Feeling old, stiff and achy?
  • Feel like something’s missing but you don’t know what it is?
  • Mind wanders? Worried about money?
  • Old dreams dead… No new dreams?

…then what you are doing is not working!
The Kinslow Happiness System makes people happy!

Happy people ….

  • Are more energetic and liked by others
  • Are better at their jobs and earn more money
  • Have higher self-esteem and a richer network of friends
  • Have tougher immune systems and…
  • They Live Longer!

… the amazing thing is it’s so easy to be really happy!
The Happiness Seminar is what happiness is all about.

  • Learn what happiness is and how to get it
  • Find out what you have been doing that doesn’t work (you will be surprised!)
  • Experience firsthand what real happiness is with delightful exercises and extraordinary techniques

The Happiness Seminar is based on Frank’s newly released book, How to Be Happy Without Even Trying. Frank, one of today’s most caring and charismatic teachers in the area of health and happiness, will have you shaking hands with happiness before the workshop is in our old. Discover the Kinslow Happiness System and find happiness you can rely on every day.