Our Team

Meet the Devoted and Undeniably Awesome Kinslow Team

by Frank Kinslow

Frank Kinslow

Dr. Frank J. Kinslow has been researching and teaching healing and happiness techniques for more than 50 years. He draws from his clinical experience as a chiropractic physician, in-depth studies into Eastern esoteric philosophies and practices, and an ardent love of relativity and quantum physics.

Martina Kinslow

Martina, my wife and the backbone of Lucid Sea. We met in 2008, married in 2009 and haven’t looked back since. Martina has been with me every step of the way, in every seminar, interview and meeting, coordinating all events, housing, food, travel…well, everything! She is a kind and nurturing presence at our workshops and has done more QE sessions than anyone on this planet. At home she coordinates with our publishers, sponsors, members of the Kinslow System Community , does the accounting and works with the legal staff and, and, and I’m getting tired just thinking about all she accomplishes every single day. But before I nap, let me just take this time to tell her how much I love her, appreciate her dedication to my work and how remarkably lucky I was that auspicious day she soared into my life.

Tomas Marek

Tomas is Martina’s son. He has been working his magic since 2009, maintaining the Kinslow System website, overseeing our social media and helping with marketing ideas. If that weren’t enough Tomas is also the seminar organizer for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. He became a Certified QE Practitioner in 2011 and very much enjoys sharing remote QE Healing Sessions with QE partners globally.

Priyanka Nanda

Priyanka is the newest addition to the Kinslow family. Tomas introduced Priyanka to QE when they met in India in 2015. She is best known and appreciated for her weekly QE Practice Group sessions. She is known as a gentle and inspiring guide who loves sharing her QE experience. Priyanka also helps coordinate online sales, events and webinars and helps our QE Practitioners.