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Beyond Happiness

Dr. Frank Kinslow



Beyond Happiness offers an animated reading experience that engages the reader from the very first page.

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Whether you are a single parent, a CEO, a saint, or a sinner, you will find respite from the chaos of everyday living in this book. Beyond Happiness is a poignant and practical guide to personal inner peace. A lively discussion with helpful analogies and revealing exercises, Beyond Happiness is a treasure for anyone who is struggling to find purpose and prosperity in life. We are frequently told that money can’t buy happiness. But it can! So can sex, power, cars, and chocolate bars. Unfortunately, happiness doesn’t last. What’s more is that what makes us happy today may cause great sorrow tomorrow. But there is something that does last, something beyond happiness . . .

and you will find it within the pages of this revealing book. Join Dr. Frank Kinslow as he delves deeply into the following topics:

• Your problems are not the problem
• Happiness—A wolf in sheep’s clothing
• Are you diagonally parked in a parallel universe?
• Fixing a broken mind
• How to overcome anger and anxiety
• Ego and the end of fear
• How am “I” different from “me”?
• How to fulfill your deepest desire.

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