It Is What It Is (Part II)

To ask why things are the way they are reflects a desire to see beyond your slice of life, and know the primal mind and ultimate makeup of the universe. Somehow we feel that if we can understand the cosmic mind we will then understand our own. From there it should be a short leap to fixing the wrongs of our life and then we can live in peace and harmony. While a noble undertaking it is completely fruitless and still adds up to nothing more than ego’s influence born of the need to collect enough pieces to make one whole. But you don’t need to do that. The phrase “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” comes to mind. If we feel incomplete we try and fix the perceived problem. The cosmic joke is on us, the thinking species. It is only the thought that we are not whole that makes us feel that we are not. When we let go of that thought we immediately realize that everything is just as it should be. You are already whole, not because I say so but because that is the fact. How could any product of Wholeness not be whole? Which is more likely, you are the incomplete product of the complete Creator or you just haven’t realized your connection to that unbounded fullness? There is no why or how to be answered. Everything in this wide beautiful universe is what it is, just because it is, nothing more. There is no arguing with what is. How can you say that what is, is not? Have you put peace in your pocket so that you can have both hands free to rummage through thoughts and things looking for peace? The only thing that stands between you and peace is the thought that life needs fixing. Accept that life is what it is and the struggle to make it otherwise will dissolve like sugar in water. What takes the place of struggle is peace. That is it. End of story, end of suffering.

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One thought on “It Is What It Is (Part II)

  • Kurt Van Brussel says:

    The idea that you can do something, for example: ‘let go of certain thoughts’ to be ‘whole’ is just another reinforcement that you are separate, an autonomuous entity that can do something to be fulfilled. Separation, duality is nothing more than a story arising in oneness, wholeness, nonduality and the person is part of that story. A fantasy, an illusion cannot get rid of- or transcend itself, cannot realize it is an illusion, except as yet another story appearing in nothingness or isness.

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