The EuStillness Technique: Where Does It Come From and How Does It Work? (Part 9) How to Find Eufeeling

To do the EuStillness Technique you must first become aware of Eufeeling. To become aware of Eufeeling you must first become aware of pure awareness. You became aware of pure awareness when you watched the screen of your mind in The Nothing Technique. [See QE Blog: How Nothing Works Part 3] Congratulations, you are already one-third of the way there. Becoming aware of Eufeeling is just as simple and just as easy. So, unless you have a heavy date or are burning something in the oven for dinner I think it’s time I introduced you to that most intimate part of you, the first glimmer of individuality that makes you, you … Eufeeling. We’ll begin by reviewing The Nothing Technique and pick it up from there.

As before, you can read the instructions all the way through a couple of times and then follow them by memory. You can read the instructions into a recorder, pausing 4 to 5 seconds after each sentence, or you can have someone read them to you. Or you can get the audio download of me guiding you through the Eufeeling Technique on the KinslowSystem website at Audio Downloads.

The Eufeeling Technique

Close your eyes and let your mind wander wherever it wants to go. Now become aware of what you are thinking. The content is not important, just know that thoughts are there. Easily watch your thoughts as if you were watching a movie. Just let your thoughts flow across the screen of your mind. You are looking at your thoughts … Now easily look past the thoughts and notice that there is nothing there. Continue to be aware of nothing as long as is comfortable. When thoughts begin again, watch them briefly and then again look beyond them, or between them, at nothing. Do this for 2 to 3 minutes.

Now become aware of how you feel. You will have some sense of well-being, some good feeling. It might be a sense of lightness or expansion, a feeling of silence or peace. You may even feel joy or love or bliss. It does not matter what good feeling you have, just become aware of it. This good feeling, this peace or lightness, joy or fullness, is your Eufeeling. Now continue to watch your Eufeeling with easy attention.

Easily watch your Eufeeling to see what it will do. It will change in some way; all you need to do is be aware of how it changes. Your Eufeeling can become very quiet or very strong. It can change into another Eufeeling. For instance, a feeling of lightness could transform into bliss or unboundedness. One Eufeeling is no better than another. You may also notice that your Eufeeling disappears altogether leaving only pure awareness. Pure awareness is not a goal. It is simply another experience that you can have while you are observing Eufeeling. No matter how it changes, your intent is to simply watch Eufeeling without interfering.

You will also observe thoughts coming and going. Thoughts will always come and go and should never be opposed. Thoughts, noises, bodily sensations, etc., are all OK. You should not resent them. Whenever you become aware that you are having a thought or sensation, here’s what you do: easily let your awareness go back to your Eufeeling.

Now, continue this process of observing Eufeeling, watching it change, and when it is no longer there letting your awareness gently return to Eufeeling. Do this quietly for 3 to 5, or even 10 minutes and then allow your eyes to slowly open.

There is more to learn about Eufeeling and we will continue exploring the beauty and power of Eufeeling in my next QE Blog post. In order to get the most out of our next meeting, I encourage you to do the Eufeeling Technique once or twice a day until then.

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Eufeeling!: The Art of Creating Inner Peace and Outer Prosperity

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