You Can’t Grow in Unbounded Love

Why? Why can’t we maintain the intensity of those early days of romantic love? (The Romantic Relationship) Because romantic love is conditional love and we humans were built for a much grander adventure. Even the more mature love that builds between two people over a lifetime is largely dependent on conditions. In the beginning of such a relationship we may feel that if we are honest and open with the other person. We feel that if we work together we will grow in love together. But that is an illusion. It is as if you and your partner were standing on opposite rails of a train track that stretch out before you disappearing into the horizon. On the horizon the two rails appear to meet, to come together at a single point. But that is an illusion. No matter how far we travel together on our separate rails of the railroad of life, (I know, I know…that’s really corny.) when we reach the horizon we will still be separate. That is because we are human and being human means being unique. (The Illusion of Love)

No two of us see the world in exactly the same way. We have different needs, interests, talents, life experience, genes, physical needs, and so on. All of these characteristics affect how we see our world. Two people in a long-term relationship are especially aware of the differences between each other. In fact, it is the differences that complement our relationships. They strengthen them, give them energy and flexibility. But love is not built on differences. Love grows out of that which is the same in us. (Love Your Self)

Like two flowers in a garden each have their roots in the same fertile soil. Drawing nourishment from the soil each radiates their innate and individual beauty to be enjoyed by the other. If they cannot draw sustenance from the soil they weaken. In their weakness they neither reflect their full beauty nor can they appreciate the beauty of another.

It is this same soil that supports and feeds the two flowers. It is the unbounded nature and pure reflection of Eufeeling that supports and nourishes each of us. Eufeeling is that single soil and when we are aware of Eufeeling we are aware of that sameness from which we all draw our basic sustenance. Awareness of Eufeeling brings peace and joy and love. Awareness of Eufeeling in others does the same.

Unconditional love is unbounded love. That means that it is everywhere all the time. So you do not have to work together over a lifetime to become something that you already are. It is not hard to grow in unbounded love together. It is impossible! You already have all the love  that you need. Or more accurately, you already are the love that you seek. You need only become aware of it. And that, as it turns out is as easy as having your next thought.

0 thoughts on “You Can’t Grow in Unbounded Love

  • Alfred Hüppmeier says:

    “Eufeeling is that single soil and when we are aware of Eufeeling we are aware of that sameness from which we all draw our basic sustenance. ”

    For me this single soil is the Divine spark within every being. The awareness of this is pure bliss.


  • Ingeborg Hardin says:

    Hi,dear Frank
    Thank you for sharing your insights.
    It is very clear and easy to experience.
    For some days I followed several lessons a. day of the last webinar.
    Felt easy and comfortable.
    On my flight back from the US,in the plane from Amsterdam to Duesseldorf,the seat neighbor was so tall and huge,1of his legs was on my side and he was Coughing without a break and blowing his nose every 30 seconds.Oh oh,where is he coming from,Africa? He was a colored person,my mind was just huzzling,Ebola?,Tuberculosis? He was sweating…No!!! I offered him something to succ on and felt both my hands on my lap…Eufeeling!!
    Oh that felt so good!
    My neighbor stopped coughing and blowing his nose after a short while and relaxed,not once during this 1/2 hour flight he coughed or blew his nose.
    When I left our eyes met shortly in love and gratitude.
    Later at the Baggage claim I noticed him being assisted in a wheelchair and with crutches.
    Made me even feel better that I preferred /was able to be in eufeeling with him.
    Thank you from my heart.
    Ingeborg Hardin

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