How Does Perception Affect Your Relationship? (Part 8/8)

You became aware of Self when thoughts shut off. When they started up again you were able to continue observing. Before thoughts, Self was observing Self. After thoughts, Self was still observing Self, only now Self had taken the form of thoughts. Thoughts were formed out of Stillness, the silent Self. Thoughts are things. Other things, trees, stars and cars, are also Self that have taken form. When you observe any form with complete awareness you will find its shimmering essence to be nothing other than You, Eufeeling, the ever-present Self. This is the God-to-God relationship. It does not matter whether you are observing another human, nature or your own personal form of God. When you are Self-aware, aware of Eufeeling, you are God becoming aware of God.

Angels look at humans and just shake their heads. These “lower” beings with muddled, misdirected minds, and vulgar bodies filled with phlegm and gas, are the same beings who can transcend even the most exalted celestial realms to know the Unknowable. The human is unique in this regard. He is capable of experiencing the deepest hell and the highest heaven all in a single lifetime. This gift of extremes opens his awareness to the fullest expression of creation. After all, what does an angel know of suffering? With feet in the mud and head in the heavens, the human awakens to the fullness of creation.

This enlightened soul moves amongst us lightening our load without being burdened himself. He is like the fairest thought drifting above the heaviness that is human. The enlightened soul is free from suffering but his expanded awareness has a price. After the suffering has slipped away there remains a kind of cosmic sadness. His world is beyond all others and yet he is still touched by our suffering. All is perfection save for that chamber of his heart where he holds his love of humanity. His relationship is with the whole, not the parts. He cannot be fully free while others suffer. For him the perfect relationship will not spread its wings and take flight until every cocoon has birthed its butterfly.

Our part in a relationship is this, to take responsibility for our own awareness. The rest will take care of itself. This is a leap of faith for most and reality for the rest. Our partner doesn’t need to stop squeezing the toothpaste from the top of the tube. We need to be aware. That is it. That is how simple it is. The perfect relationship starts and ends with awareness of the Self. When Self-awareness dawns, the binding threads of our cocoon loosen and finally fall away, releasing a fully aware soul into the world.

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