You Do Not Exist Without Awareness

Quantum Entrainment does not depend on your mind but on your awareness. Do you have awareness? Well of course you do otherwise you would not be reading this blog. You don’t have to synthetically generate your awareness like you do a positive emotion, right? When you are awake you are aware naturally and without effort. So this is our starting point, common everyday awareness.

The next ingredient in this remarkable recipe to remove suffering and increase success is perception. Perception is how you fill your awareness. We perceive through our senses; sight, taste, touch, smell, and hearing. When you see a flower the image of the flower is thrown onto the retina of your eye. The perception of the flower on the retina is changed into electrical impulses which are transmitted to your brain. Your brain translates the electrical impulses into an image of the flower you are looking at. The whole process is automatic and instantaneous.

Perception is how you fill your awareness. In this case you would see the flower but without awareness you will not know that the flower exists. If your eye were a camera then perception would be the procedure of taking the picture, that is, getting the image of the flower through the lens and recorded on the memory card. Awareness would be the light that made the whole process possible. Without light there is effectively no image of the flower and therefore no perception of the flower. As far as you are concerned it does not exist.

There are many shades of awareness. You can be alert, tired, distracted, drugged, etc. If we think of awareness as light then the different kinds of awareness represent different intensities of light. Let’s say that the brightest light possible registers 10 on our “light/awareness” scale. Everyday common consciousness would register 4 or 5 on our scale of 0 to 10. This would be like using your camera to take a picture outdoors on a cloudy day. Depending on the degree of fatigue tired awareness would be a 2 or 3. This would be like taking a picture at dusk as the sun is setting. Drugs like alcohol and other depressants would register 0 to 2 and would be like taking a picture at night. A stimulant like caffeine will temporarily push our awareness to 6 or 7 followed by rebound fatigue in the 2 to 3 range. This would be like taking a picture with a flash attachment and then having to recharge the battery.

Quantum Entrainment is a way to perceive the purest awareness, a 10 on our awareness scale. Having the purest awareness is like taking a picture under perfect conditions in full daylight. When we perceive through pure awareness it gives us the truest, most vibrant reflection of life. It frees us from having to struggle to see life clearly. It gives us the best chance for appreciating the world within which we live.

The Pure Awareness Technique

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