What Is the Future of Medicine?

The future of medicine looks exciting especially with what we are learning through stem cell research, genetics, and all of the other remarkable discoveries we have seen in just the last decade. But let’s not confuse exciting with fulfilling. In the United States we are living longer but we are less happy. Good physical and mental health is important but by itself is not enough to lead to a productive and fulfilling life. As we become more specialized it is imperative that we develop a solid sense of who we are at our core. What good is it to live 1000 years lost to our Selves? In fact, I think that is a good definition of hell, to live longer so we can suffer longer. The ancient wisdom of Socrates is just as poignant today: Know Thy Self. That is the foundation for true and lasting health.

The medical model thus far does not lend itself to true and lasting health. It sees the patient as pieces and ignores the wholeness of the human being where true health abides. Modern medicine still lags behind philosophically. Philosophy, like the rudder of the ship, guides us along our chosen course. Medicine’s map is based on classical physics establish some 350 years ago due mainly to the efforts of Isaac Newton. Medicine still feels that if it has enough information it can control health. The medical patient is like a machine. The patient is broken into interchangeable parts as if the individual were merely a physical entity. The self-indulgent physician, brandishing the cold sword of scientific objectivity, actually feels that the body makes mistakes and it is up to him to correct them. (See: How Does QE Heal?) Unlike physics medicine has yet to embrace the reality of uncertainty. Until it does it will continue to endorse the belief that the pieces represent the whole. Uncertainty, if nothing else breeds humility, the foundation for compassion. Compassion opens us to an alternate worldview, in this case that of the patient. By definition and alternate worldview is to some degree or another different from our own. And here in lies the seed of uncertainty. Medicine cannot survive under its present model. That is certain. Already the rumblings of erosive change are being felt within the profession. Uncertainty is growing. And that is a good thing.

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  • It is truly a nice and helpful piece of information.
    I’m satisfied that you simply shared this helpful information with us.
    Please keep us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

  • I am 71 years old and have been interested in and have used alternative healing methods starting when I was 21 including:
    Chiropractic, massage therapy, cranial sacral therapy, accupuncture, various energy healing such as reiki, attunements, hypnosis, self-hypnosis, etc. I also have used ancient medicine such as ayurveda, chinese herbs and western herbs. I have used modern medicine for everything from a stained ankle to prostate cancer radiation. I have also studied and practiced ancient yoga and modern yoga. Have studied and practiced various methods of meditation. All of these have given me some relief in my life which started out sort of lousy and got better in time, 50 years of time and learning who I am and who I am not. I have read many books on these subjects, but reading helps in my philosophy of life and somewhat about the mind and the brain, but the only practical things I have learned is meditation and breathing techniques where I have seen glimpses of this gap of awareness, but never anything that stays with me. I am happier now than I have been in my life. I understand completely about this quantum thing we are talking about, and I understand about pure awareness, But I am never always aware of this nothing, which the Buddha called nothingness. But even when I am fully in the present and ask myself the questions you gave us, my mind still is focusing on the questions. I am in the process of ordering the 2 cd set of the Kinslow system exercises. I read your book “the secret of instant healing. But the secret healing is not secret/ Many systems have used it in the past and at the present moment. It just appears to be a different method of using it. I do not want to buy any more books. I do not need explanation how it works or why it works. I just need to practice until it works. I would like to attend a workshop with you but at this time I do not have the funds. I know it does not sound much for some people, to someone such as myself and retired the cost is a lot. So, what would you recommend?

  • Richard McGonagle says:

    I could not agree more. The medical community in this country is based soullessly on profit. As long as there are billions of dollars to be made and people deluded enough to believe in it as true there will, sadly, not be any major changes.

  • Dr Kinslow, THANK YOU SO MUCH for QE!!! It is AMAZING!! I wish I wouldn’t have spent the last 27 years in “self-help” mode (12 steps for “adult children,” 7 years of “therapy,” reading literally over 100 self help books, learning an energy healing method), but it led me to QE, so it all worked out, I guess. I thank you for all the travail you went through to arrive at “nothing.”

    As Garrison Keillor says, God is a comedian working a slow audience. I laugh at how we runrunrun to get stuff done, when all we really have to do is “nothing.” The biggest joke ever.

    Again, THANK YOU for QE!!!

  • We (as a collective whole) continue to “unfold” (evolve-though slowly in “time” perspective) into WHO WE ARE…the global awakening IS exciting when we take a couple steps back for a better view of the “Big-Picture”…”integrated honesty and personal responsibility” IS replacing our “old realities” and LIFE IS Amazing…

  • Diane Overcash says:

    I like that we can promote and continue our own physical and mental health by using QE or by any method that works. We as individuals are in charge of our own health.

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