The Tail is Wagging the Dog

How can you end problems and find personal inner peace? Will changing your behavior results in inner peace? Asking “why” you behave in a certain way will only lead to more “whys.” Answering “why” will have you chasing your tail. You will think you are getting somewhere but in the end you will have only exhausted yourself, or at the very least become quite dizzy. Even if you catch your tail, what have you caught? The tail is attached to the dog, which is attached to the tail…Neither chasing nor catching your problems will end problems. Nor will all that running around create inner peace. Finding out why you behave a certain way only encourages you to delve more deeply into your difficulties. Your problems are not the problem. Your suffering will not end by changing your behavior. Your behavior will change by ending your suffering.

When something goes wrong it shakes us awake. As soon as we wake up to the fact that something is wrong we try to fix it. The waking-up part is good. The fixing part is misguided. On one level fixing is necessary. We need to fix a hole in the roof, unruffle our partner’s feathers, and pay the parking ticket. But personal peace can only, and ultimately, be found in the not-fixing. As soon as we feel that we can fix a problem we take on the weight of that problem and peace gets pushed to the back of the line. We become responsible for not only the fixing but all that follows. Have you noticed that there is always something to fix? It seems that when you fix one problem two more take its place. It is a never ending trap, an illusion of the deepest magnitude. We can break this otherwise never-ending cycle by stepping out of the game perceptually. We do that by perceiving our subtlest form of existence, our very essence, if you will. That turns out to be simple, easy, and downright fun. I am of course referring to that innocent perception of Eufeeling.

Perceiving Eufeeling is built into every one of us. When you perceive something that is offensive, for instance a suffering animal or fatal car accident, your mind and body react negatively. When you perceive something comforting like a colorful sunset your mind and body are soothed. When you perceive Eufeeling you become consciously aware of the most healing and harmonious aspect of your individual existence. As a result, your body experiences a deeper rest even then deep sleep and your mind rests in complete inner peace.

The perception of Eufeeling is natural and there are many systems that can open our awareness to this most auspicious experience. But by far the simplest and most expedient way to perceive Eufeeling I know of is Quantum Entrainment. When one does QE the perception of Eufeeling is instant and easy. The result… Inner peace without solving a single problem.

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