The Rule of Two

 A simple perceptual shift in your mind can often remove much confusion in your life. Let me offer two simple rules that will help your mind make a shift that can relieve much self-imposed suffering. Throughout my adult life, I have been guided by these two simple axioms of insight. These two rules have afforded me both comfort and direction. The first one is The Principle of Universal Harmony, “life is harmony.” That is, there is always order in the universe, even when there appears to be none. The second dictum is this: “the world is not as I see it.” It is impossible for me to know, feel or perceive everything for any given situation and therefore my comprehension has to be incomplete. For me, these simple aphorisms have had a profound influence on my personal evolution. If the world were not harmonious then I might accept suffering or limitation as being natural. If I felt that my view of the world was complete then I might feel that my position was the “correct” one. Whenever I became stuck or in a rut, I reminded myself that life is basically joyful and that my perception was not reflecting that reality.

I soon began to see behind the scenes. Slowly these two simple rules persuaded me to loosen my grip and let life pass by like a meandering melody. Actually that makes for a good analogy. Music is enjoyed to its fullest when we let the melody flow through our consciousness like a river. If we try to hold onto even a single note we miss the synergy of the composition. Our lives, like music, should be free to flow. Holding onto people, ideas and things disrupts the flow and ruins the melody.

You and I are the same, and we are completely different. We bond through our sameness. Our differences add sweetness to our sameness. When these two opposites find balance, all things benefit. This has always been the formula for complete and prosperous living. I am writing to tell you this, not because I think that you don’t know it, but because you may have forgotten it. I live by these two principles not because of some cumbersome philosophy, but because they come to me from my previous life as a child. They are the beacons of childhood before time was taught and space filled with the “necessary and practical” tools for successful living. If you should wish to explore the validity of these two simple rules for yourself, don’t start by remembering what was forgotten. Start where you are right now, before memory or hope can take hold.

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  • I was looking when I was 16 to 20 years for the connection of myself and everything, I looked for what life is in the essence. Thanks god I had a beautiful experience then. I experienced this shift of awareness within a moment. I felt secure, in total peace, inner calmness and the experience, that everything is okay as it is.

    This experiences lasts for months and slightly disappeared, nearly without awareness of myself. This “everything is okay” is there all the time. And as well the impression, that what happens around us is similar to dramatics and it makes me laugh or amuses me. The rigidity of life, as many others feel, I don’t know anymore.

    It’s like in Matrix: the world we usually perceive, is not the world.

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