The EuStillness Technique: Where Does It Come From and How Does It Work? (Part 3)

Every created thing is made of two parts: energy and form. The most basic form of energy is the wave. Waves combine to make subatomic particles which combine to make atoms, molecules, ending with a book that you hold in your hands. A book has energy, doesn’t it? You could use it to squash a mosquito or you could burn it to keep warm. (I hope that is the only reason you would have to burn one of my books.) Even thoughts and emotions have energy and form. They are just not as tangible as other objects. For instance, my books contain the energy of my thoughts and emotions, which when read stimulate similar thoughts and emotions in your mind. When you burn a book, heat and light are released. When you read the book, knowledge is released. All form has energy and all energy has form.

When you did the Nothing Technique you identified a “field” of life that has neither energy nor form when you perceived pure awareness. That means that pure awareness is not created. Pure awareness is the progenitor of all created things whether they be tangible, ethereal, or otherwise. So if pure awareness has no form or energy what does that make it? We have said that it is nothing. That means that pure awareness contains “no thing” or no form. Pure awareness also contains no energy. Remember an object has form and energy. So a non-object has no form and no energy. The word we use for no form is nothing. The word we use for no energy is stillness.

When you talk about pure awareness you can say that it is complete nothing or you can say that it is absolute stillness. However, when perceiving pure awareness it is important to note that your mind considers nothing uninteresting, not worthy of its exalted attention. In a very abstract yet holistic way, stillness seems to draw your mind into it. That is why the EuStillness Technique works so quickly and completely to bring about all-inclusive life changes.

Simply put, we begin to see unity where diversity once reigned. And as we will soon discover, it is the ability to see unity, the coming together of two things to create greater harmony, that will save our collective bacon. So the EuStillness Technique offers us the perception of unity which automatically and instantly leads to greater success in life. We are not talking about the usual lifetime of work and study that has been subscribed to awareness of unity in the past. The “shift” is immediate, and then it’s just a matter of letting the pieces fall into place. All things considered, this is pretty amazing.

Book: The Ending of Time

Physicist: David Bohm

Book: When Nothing Works Try Doing Nothing

Free Download: 90 Days to Becoming Fully Human

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