Grumbling Your Way to Enlightenment

Let me take a moment here and refresh your memory as this hierarchy is helpful in understanding where you may be and what you are capable of. It’s comforting and even helpful to know where you are going but the “how” of fulfilling your greatest potential is paramount. That is why you are reading this blog. The Quantum Entrainment technique is the bridge between theory and practical application.

Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (from lowest to highest):

  • Physiological: breathing, food, water, sex, sleep, homeostasis, excretion
  • Safety and security: body, employment, resources, morality, the family, health, property
  • Love/belonging: friendship, family, sexual intimacy
  • Esteem: self-esteem, confidence, achievement, respect of others, respect by others
  • Self-Actualization: morality, creativity, spontaneity, problem solving, lack of prejudice, acceptance of facts

You are going to love this. Along with the ascending hierarchy of needs there is also an ascending scale of grumbling! Grumbling is a kind of low grade complaining. Basically, you grumble when you feel something is missing or needs adjusting. Maslow says man will always grumble. So now you can actually determine where on the scale of needs a person is by how he verbally vents his frustrations. You can monitor your own progress as you leave the lower needs levels behind. As your lower needs are satisfied you begin to grumble at a higher level. Isn’t that an interesting concept? And yes, even transcenders grumble. Let’s take a look at the different levels of grumbling.

  • Low Grumbling – physiological and safety needs
    • survival – food, shelter, clothes, illness, indignities, abuse, prejudice, cruelty, death related to survival
    • safety – work issues, financial issues, planning for the future, indignities, abuse, prejudice, cruelty, related to safety
  • High Grumbling – belonging and self-esteem needs
    • belonging – being misunderstood or accused, racial/gender profiling, comparing you to others
    • self-esteem – dignity, self-respect, respect for others, autonomy, feelings of worth, praise and rewards, receiving recognition for work
  • Meta-Grumbling – self-actualization/transcender
    • self-actualizer – inefficiencies in free flow of work, inaccuracies in information and communication
    • transcender – need for truth, perfection, beauty, imperfection of the world, injustice to others

It is in the last, or highest human need for self-actualization that we are most interested. What world does a self-actualizer live in? He experiences profound moments of love, understanding, happiness, and bliss. He feels more alive and whole and tuned into universal harmony. He naturally values goodness and truth and fair play. He has “being” awareness realizing that everything is perfect just as it is. Maslow calls these experiences B-values the “B” standing for being, a sense of oneness or unboundedness. Another word for being is stillness which you are now familiar with. You see, if you are doing QE and experiencing Eufeeling you are already strengthening your self-actualization.

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