What You Want May Not Be What You Need (Part II)

On the Newtonian cause-and-effect level we would say that I did QE for her autistic son. From a quantum mechanical point of view I offered her son the probability of healing. Healing occurred in the best way possible after all other possibilities had been eliminated.

You see, when we think in a linear, cause-and-effect way healing appears to be a simple, single line ending in the result we want. But life is not that simple. Every action and reaction has to be considered from a universal standpoint. We have all seen that B-rated movie where the hero goes back in time and changes one single event, for instance slapping a mosquito. When the time traveler returns to his present he finds it completely unrecognizable. The death of that single mosquito set in motion a complicated chain of events that altered life on every level.

If we do not take into account the effect of every thought, word, and action on every level of creation, for all time, then even the purest intention of love and compassion can have devastating results. Of course this is way outside the possibility of our minds to compute. But fortunately we do not have to. That is Eufeeling’s job and it has been doing it since the first subatomic particle hic-upped into existence to usher in the dawn of time.

Have you ever wondered why our species has made so many miraculous advances and yet individually we still manage to suffer daily doubt, guilt, anger, anxiety, and the like? We have become very adept at getting what we want. Because of our will, imagination, and ability to plan we have out-performed all competing species in the game show of life. We chose door number one and rushed headlong through it never pausing for an instant to wonder what lay behind number two.

The promise of control is the ultimate seduction. However, to continue to get what we want we must exercise ever greater control over our domain. But something has gone terribly awry. The more control we exercise the less control we feel we have. Only in the most superficial sense does taking “control” of our lives mean getting what we want. In reality, what we want is almost never what we need. Oddly enough, the peace and joy and spontaneous beauty we seek is found in letting go. If you want to feel the “cat’s feet” of Carl Sandburg’s  Fog on the palm of your hand simply open your hand and keep it still. Grasping at the fog keeps it always just beyond your reach. Grasping for the things we want pushes further away that which we need. Awareness of Eufeeling introduces us what we need. In the end we need turns out to be infinitely more than we could ever want.

Eufeeling – You Can’t Get What You Already Have (English/Russian)

QE Demonstration

Kinslow System Store

One thought on “What You Want May Not Be What You Need (Part II)

  • How so interesting and revealing…!
    Although this is 2 years old on the blog, I think I just needed it now. “Thank Life” and you Frank for bringing it back again. Ouf! Back to just letting go…! and give all the room to Eufeeling!

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