The Ant and the Magnifying Glass

Creativity, loosely defined as, “the ability to produce something new through imaginative skill…” seems to have a shroud of mystery about it or if not a shroud of mystery then at least a cloud of frustration. The mystery and frustration surrounding creativity comes from our inability to control the creative process. Our definition above infers that we are in control of our creativity. We are, but not the way we think and that is the source of our unrest. The mechanics of creativity are subtle indeed transcending logic and analysis. In fact, the more we try to control the creative process the less creativity we manufacture. To understand it we must assume a different posture, one of letting go rather than holding on.

We actually can control the creative process by not controlling it. Creativity is not an active process. It is a spectators sport. We can’t create creativity because it is a natural, ever-evolving, and spontaneous process. It is not localized in our mind, as we might think, but flourishes continuously throughout creation.

Let’s say that you are working on creating a way to silently communicate through touch. Think of your mind like a magnifying glass. Think of the act of creation like a colony of ants. Through your magnifying glass you can watch the subtleties of ant culture, the genius of the genus if you will, as it unfolds before your eyes. You notice a single ant that discovers a source of food, communicate his discovery through body language and entangling his antennae with the other ant. (Now I know analogies have their limits but bear with me a little longer on this one.) Through close observation you discover how information is passed from one ant to the other and find that you can apply that process between two people.

The point to be made is that you did not create anything. Are you familiar with the saying, “There is nothing new under the sun.”? It can be said another way, “Miracles exist where knowledge does not.” Creation has all the answers. We cannot know everything in creation but we can observe the act of creation and report what we find. You see? Creativity is a passive process.

The question begs to be asked, “How do we become the passive observe of creation?” The first step is to contact creation at its source. The second step is to observe without interfering or interjecting control of any kind. (Chapter on “How to Have a QE Intention” in Eufeeling!) Control and creativity are mutually exclusive. It would be like using your magnifying glass to focus the sun’s rays (intellect, analysis, logic) on your ant. POOF! No ant…no creativity.

The act of creation is a fascinating study and much more than that. The act of observing creation is remarkably revitalizing. It harmonizes, energizes, and inspires. The act of observing creation is a lost art. It comes naturally to a chosen few but is open to all of us. It is not limited to those in the “creative” professions. The joy of creation is expressed in building a birdhouse, talking with your neighbor over the backyard fence or finding faces in billowing white clouds against a royal blue sky. Join with me while we discover and explore the outer reaches of our creativity together.

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