Work Is Love Made Visible (Part II)

Everything that grows goes through three phases of transformation. (see Transformational Theory ). Whether it is an atom or a galaxy, a relationship or a business, it must necessarily and naturally evolve through each phase. Breaking stride creates disharmony and elicits the antithesis of growth, entropy. In other words, resist the natural flow of life to unify and expand and you initiate its opposite, disharmony and death. The three phases of growth are survive, thrive, and love. Don’t let the word love scare you. My working definition for love is simple: the coming together of differences [atoms, people, businesses] to create harmony. )(For definition of love see-Eufeeling) (For experience of Eufeeling go to: Free Audio Download-Pure Awareness Technique ) So you see even atoms fall in love…and most assuredly fall out of love if they are kept from evolving through the 3 phases of transformation.

Now let’s look at these three phases as they apply to work. If you are working just to survive you are in phase 1, the survival mode. When you grow your job into a career you move from mere survival to the phase 2 thriving mode. Both you and your work grow roots of stability and expansion. And here is where 99% of us falter. We believe that continued growth means more of the same; more money, more possessions, more notoriety and power. But nothing can or should expand forever. When expansion becomes counterproductive it is time to make the transition to phase 3, the coming together of differences for greater harmony. It is time to learn to love.

Phase 3 love is a kind of combination of phases 1 and 2 and an opening to creative forces that have been lying dormant within, possibly from childhood, that when released will open you to a world that fits perfectly your needs, desires, and dreams. This is when your career transforms into your calling. You are no longer pushed forward from past labors doing what you think you should to “get ahead.” In phase 3 you are pulled into your future effortlessly and unerringly. Just as a river merges with an ocean you flow into your new life, giving and accepting from that infinite ocean, united in love.

Video: George Land TED VIDEO

Book: Eufeeling!: The Art of Creating Inner Peace and Outer Prosperity

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