How Does QE Heal? (Part II)

Question: How Does QE Work so Quickly and so Completely?

Rather than using the intellect or emotion or prescribed formula to initiate the healing response, Quantum Entrainment takes advantage of the vehicle of perception that is already functioning fully within you. When you perceive something you react naturally and without effort, don’t you. For instance, if you perceive, in this case see a dog get hit by a car your mind and body react instantly. You experience a shot of adrenaline, your diaphragm contracts and respiration increases, muscles tense, etc. Your mind will be flooded with negative thoughts and emotions, or even positive ones like compassion or sympathy. But the point is it all happens automatically, effortlessly. Now if you perceive a beautiful sunset your body relaxes and your mind displays the sense of peace or joy or awe. Again, this is a natural response to your perception. When you do QE your perception is led to Eufeeling which, among other things, creates a sense of deep inner peace in your mind and ultimate relaxation in your body. Then, from your perception of Eufeeling, rapid and deep healing occurs without any further effort on your part.

Because Quantum Entrainment provides you with this primal level of deep rest and inner peace it can enhance the therapeutic value of other healing systems whether they be medical or alternative and especially energy healing techniques. When the physician or therapist treats from the level of QE Awareness they become more intelligent, compassionate, and effective healers. So no matter what system of healing you are practicing you will accomplish far more for your patient/client and yourself if you begin with Quantum Entrainment.

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