Effortless Walking

Walking is so automatic we rarely pay much attention while we are doing it. Here is a way to bring grace and flow to the stately art of walking. Here’s how it’s done.

First place your weight evenly on both feet, shoulders squared with a relaxed upright posture. Take a nice deep breath in, and as you exhale allow your mind to become aware of your thinking. Whatever thoughts flow across the screen of your mind just watch as they come and go. Do this for 15 to 20 seconds. Now you are ready for Effortless Walking. (A more effective form of Effortless Walking, called QE Walking, can be found in the book The Kinslow System™ .)

Before you actually start walking forward, imagine that you are the unmoving center of the universe. Instead of you walking through your world see the world as coming to you. Even when you actually start walking forward imagine that the plants and people and buildings are coming to you. In your mind, they are in motion and you are stationary. Objects come into view then slowly slip past your field of vision while your legs appear to effortlessly rise and fall in place. (In reality you are actually walking forward.) One important thing; when objects come into sight imagine them as coming from nothing, as not existing until you see them. As they pass out of sight behind you imagine them as dissolving into nothing. And when you pay close attention to that nothing you will discover a deep inner peace (Eufeeling) smiling back at you.

You can do Effortless Walking anytime. You can do Effortless Walking in your house, your office, through the country and through the winding streets of a city. You can even do this in your car. But then I guess it would be called Effortless Driving. Soon you will find that walking has become effortless and energizing, flowing joy full of fun and enlivening awareness.

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