Blame Your Poor Health on Classical Physics

You have heard it, I am sure, “Your body is like a machine.” When a machine, like your car engine breaks down then all you have to do is replace the broken part and you are up and running good as new. It has also been said that your body is like a river, fluid and ever changing. While this may be closer to the truth it is still a little too “solid” for my liking. I see our bodies more like a web of undulating energies pulsing into and out of existence at fantastic speed, not limited to the boundaries of sinew and bone. But in the final analysis all are true on the level they are perceived.

The present and prevalent medical model of health is founded on classical physics which confidently teaches that if we have enough data we can find and fix any disease or condition. It nurtures a symptomatic approach to health. On the whole, medicine infers that our bodies are ultimately ignorant of deeper forms of healing and need our help in order to heal properly. In other words, it is inferred that the physician is more clever and more skilled at healing than your body. This attitude, that the physician knows best, is insidious and guides the mind and manner of medical treatment. Medicine is secondarily concerned with quality of life. We are living longer than our forefathers but are less healthy. We have created a longer living, less healthy generation. Could you get a more perfect definition for hell?

On the other hand, more natural healing practitioners who thumb their noses at allopathy tend to, while wielding a holistic philosophy, practice the same symptomatic model. While preaching holism they nonetheless measure success by alleviation of the almighty symptom.

Here’s where I’m going with this… If you limit yourself to a single model for health you will find yourself limited to the constructs of that model and your health will be limited accordingly. It is better to adapt a broader, in fact all inclusive model of health and healing. Be open to anything. I do not mean that you should be foolish or offhanded. You must be very discriminative and the ultimate authority for your body. You are the boss and the physician is there to assist, not subjugate.

Be like your body. Health is discriminative. It isolates that which is harmful and then focuses on uniting that which supports life. This is the model of health and healing your body follows naturally. It is the perfect model. (For ideas on this nonexclusive model: The Kinslow System & Quantum Entrainment)

We don’t need to teach our bodies how to heal. We need to learn to heal by paying attention to our bodies. Your body heals through love. No, I’m not waxing sentimental here. Love is tangible and predictable. I know love as that which unites for good. It is the coming together of differences that generates health, harmony, and love. On every level of life, from the subatomic particle to the uniting of two souls love expands and unifies, building upon itself throughout the universe. (QE Relationship Workshop or read The Perfect Relationship, in the book; The Kinslow System, [to be published in English, May 15, 3013.])

As a species we are at a breakpoint. (Breakpoint and Beyond; Land & Jarman.) Our worldview is that of isolation, competition, the classical entropic physics generated medical model. This approach was valuable when we had to eke out our niche in this world. We have mastered some parts of the earth but we are not masters of our world. It’s vital we move beyond the divide and conquer mentality. We are more than that and we can realize our potential by learning the art and science of love. This is not a choice we have to make. We really have no option. Love will accept nothing less.

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