Why Your Intention Doesn’t Work (Part II)

Now that you have discovered that you are the center of the universe, something you undoubtedly realized as an infant, you find yourself stuck in time between past and future, classical and quantum physics, control and infinite possibilities. And here is your dilemma…

Control belongs to the past. That is because you can see what you did and the outcome that resulted from your action. You cannot control the future. It is not subservient to cause and effect. The future dances to the beat of a different drummer. Any effort to control the infinite future results in a singularity of sorts. Remember, your potential is infinite but in the end will precipitate out to a single event which then promptly takes its place in your past. When you try to form an intention, control the future, that very effort to narrow down the possible outcomes crystallizes that thought-desire and immediately catapults it into your past. In other words, the instant you think a thought or try to fulfill a desire it becomes solidifies and takes its place in impotent past.

So how can we get what we want? The answer is universal love. By love I don’t mean the romantic kind. I define love as the coming together of differences to create greater harmony. By this definition two atoms coming together to create a molecule of oxygen is just as much of an example of love as two people coming together to create a child. Since the Big Bang, elements have been combining and connecting in ever greater complexity throughout the universe. This tendency to unite things I call universal love. It’s like gravity only on the much more subtle level.

We have many desires but we only have one basic, driving desire and that is to be part of this connecting process on the universal level. We don’t want to be left out. We want to feel whole and at home with the unifying force of creation. Our ability to perceive wholeness, the force that connects all thoughts and things, is hardwired into humanity. Yes, we can perceive universal love but we generally don’t. Up till now we haven’t considered it a priority and so we just haven’t been paying attention.

Another word for universal love is Eufeeling. I personally have taught tens of thousands of people around the world to perceive Eufeeling and benefit immediately from the all-permeating, dynamic force when cognized by the individual. But it is so natural a human phenomenon that it can actually be learned by reading a book.

So how does awareness of the unifying power of universal love (Eufeeling) resolve the future – past paradox and help us get what we want? All will be revealed in Part III of Why Your Intention Doesn’t Work.

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