Why Your Intention Doesn’t Work (Part III)

We feel the need to control our lives only when we feel out of control. Have you ever found yourself saying, “Is this all there is to life? I have everything I need, so why do I feel so incomplete?) We feel out of control when we lose our perception of universal order. It’s really quite simple. When we perceive the unifying flow of universal love we feel content. When we do not we feel alienated, out of control. We try to regain the sense of wholeness by exerting individual control over the people and things in our environment. Manipulating the pieces will never replace wholeness. We try to fill our emptiness with things and thoughts but win only fleeting relief. There is only one thing that can fill infinite emptiness and that is unbounded love.

Universal love (Eufeeling) is like a mother. We are like her children. Motherly love flows unrestricted to her child. Mother wants her child’s every desire to be fulfilled. But mother will not give her child something that is hurtful or a waste of his time or energy. It is not important that we get what we want. Above all else, it is important that our deepest desire is realized, that is to be wrapped in the adoring arms of universal love. We first fulfill our desire on the universal level and then whatever comes after is appreciated in the richness of that force which connects and combines. All other desires pale by comparison. They lose their power over us. They become more like preferences than desires and we can take them or leave them.

Now here comes the beautiful part. Once we perceive universal unity, which turns out to be quite simple despite what we have been told, we stop bouncing back and forth between past achievements and future concerns and become quite content in the present. This contentment reflects freedom from desire. With it comes an overwhelming perception of stillness not only in the mind but the body and the environment. Now we are prepared to have an intention.

Once we are established in the stillness of universal love we then have a single, subtle thought that represents our desire. (This is called QE Intention taught in the book Eufeeling!)  We are saying, “This is what I want.” Then we just step back and watch to see what happens. That gossamer thought then glides across the stillness like fine mist over a tranquil lake. It disperses and touches all the possible solutions enlivening them, rallying them around your single desire.

Whether we get what we want or not is not an issue. That we are firsthand experiencing the unifying joy of universal love is enough. Seated in the universal organizing presence of universal love like a well behaved child mother treats us to all her delights.

If we trying to create from this we coalesce infinite possibilities into a single occurrence, which in this case is the intention to control, and we find ourselves once again in our past.

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