Where Have All the Children Gone?

I taught a workshop in Hamburg, Germany last weekend on relationships. I made the point that before we can love another we must first love our self. The deepest expression of self-love is when we become aware of our Eufeeling. Once we become aware of Eufeeling however we still have to work within the relationship have to work within the relationship to make it “fit” with our partner. This requires attention to a number of areas but to make it all come together we must be creative. And, as anyone who has taken a QE workshop knows, creativity is immeasurably enhanced by awareness of Eufeeling.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) was concerned that their engineers were not as creative as they might be. They asked systems scientist George Land to conceive a test that could determine how creative their engineers were. Land’s test included gradations of creativity up to the genius level. What he discovered was quite shocking and prompted him to administer the test five year old children to test their level of creative genius. Based on the test results of the five-year-olds Land further decided to test 10 and 15-year-olds as well. Here is what he found:

Age Test for Creative Genius

 Age                              % Genius

5 years                                98%

10 years                              30%

15 years                              12%

31 years (average)               2%

Creativity does not come from logical thinking or analysis. In fact when the analytical part of the brain is active the creative area is considerably subdued. The good news is creativity is not lost in childhood. It has just been forsaken for the upward mobile, competitive and control oriented mind. The genius level of creativity can be restored fairly quickly and with the help of Eufeeling genius level creativity can become a common occurrence at any age.

When you perceive Eufeeling your mind becomes like a clean slate. From there you do not have to work to be created. You get to be the observer of how creation effortlessly and naturally takes place. It is quite a phenomenon and yet open to every one of us. What a joy it is to see the sparks of creativity fly where the light of creativity was once so dark. Imagine what this world would be like, if instead of 2%, a full 98% of us were creative geniuses. There would be nothing we could not accomplish including peace, prosperity, and love on a universal love. Where does it start? Of course, it starts with you.


The Kinslow System™

Eufeeling!: The Art of Creating Inner Peace and Outer Prosperity

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The Kinslow System™

One thought on “Where Have All the Children Gone?

  • I was a ice skating choreographer and have gone through some life trauma and stugles for the past 5 years and have lost my ability to create. I don’t even dream any more. Please could you help me to find the way back.

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