The EuStillness Technique: Where Does It Come From and How Does It Work? (Part 5)

So how does the EuStillness Technique work? Well, not by conventional laws, that is for sure. When you think about it, a technique is how to do something, isn’t it? Well, how can you do something to do nothing? Of course, that seems impossible. It seems to make sense that you cannot generate an activity of non-activity. This is the very reason many meditation and spiritual techniques take so long to yield results. They expect the student to create inner stillness or become an unmoving observer by doing something, like creating positive thoughts, concentrating on a word or idea, or bending and breathing in just the right way. This is the very opposite of their goal of inner peace or being the silent observer. Movement, mental or otherwise, does not lead to stillness. Stillness exists in spite of movement. Traditional “doing” techniques are successful only when the mind gets tired and momentarily gives up doing the prescribed technique. At the moment it gives up, the mind stops. It is when the mind stops working that it discovers stillness waiting with open arms. The EuStillness Technique skips the getting tired part and goes right to stillness.

The EuStillness Technique is a shift in perception from doing to being that is so natural that relaxation and inner peace are the immediate result, followed quickly by measurable levels of healing and, later, even more profound results. I did not set out to develop a simple, scientific technique. It just appeared one day in seed form; all I had to do was let it germinate and grow.

OK, so what this means in plain language is I stumbled upon a way to do nothing. You heard me right: do nothing. It gets better. It turns out that doing nothing is necessary if anything is to get done. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true. In fact, it has always been true. If we want to do anything we must always start by going in the opposite direction first. Does this sound bizarre? It’s actually your common experience. Think about it … until my next blog.

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