The Five Paths to Enlightenment

There are thousands of paths to enlightenment. Although it may seem to be mystical, enlightenment is a normal human condition and much easier to realize than some would have us believe. (See QE Blog: What Is Enlightenment ) There are a good number of systems, religious and otherwise, to help one experience enlightenment. They would include Buddhism, Taoism, Sufism as well as Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Within each system there are many teachers each with their own interpretation of what enlightenment is and how one may attain it. Following the dictates of each master are billions of spiritual aspirants each perceiving that teaching in their own unique way. In fact, one could say that there are as many paths to enlightenment as there are people on that path. So if you happen to be looking for your own personal path to freedom just the thought of it could be overwhelming. But I think I can help…

We can take all endeavors for enlightenment, the trappings, ceremonies, philosophies, dogma, exercises, and practices and fit them neatly into five easily identifiable categories: physical, devotional, intellectual, mechanical, and perceptual.

The physical path to enlightenment would include what we in the West think of when we think of yoga, you know twisting and bending and breathing. The devotional path is the path of the heart where individual love flows outward towards a deity or deified entity. The intellectual path makes use of the tools of logic and analysis to disassemble and eventually eliminate all questions and objections that limit the individual’s discernment of oneness. The mechanical march to freedom requires only that the mind be focused, for instance gazing at a candle flame or repetition of a mantra, until the object of focus is forgotten in favor of unbounded bliss.

The perceptual path to enlightenment is one I know well. The process came to me several years ago and is now taught to tens of thousands around the world. The answer came to me several years ago in a time of great tension and emotional trauma. At one time or another during my life I had dedicated myself to each of the other paths to enlightenment. I had become an expert on what did not work for me. This was my starting point. In looking for a way to move beyond my desperation I decided to eliminate everything I knew did not work. In short order I realized that nothing worked, or more accurately, that working did not work! You see, enlightenment is already built into our bodies and minds. What you perceive can not only change your brain chemistry and emotional well-being but your physiology as well. (See QE Blog: The Tail Is Wagging the Dog.) The thing is, perception is easy and immediate and open to everyone. You can even learn to do it by reading a book.

Since I discovered this perceptual process I call Quantum Entrainment® or QE®, I have found that when I revisit one of the other paths to enlightenment they now work for me. In fact everything works better these days; relationships, creative activities, work, and even recreation. (At one time I was too stressed to even enjoy quiet or rejuvenating activities.)

So there you have it, the five paths to enlightenment. Many jump from one to the other or mix-and-match, it doesn’t matter. I always start with the perceptual path and that is enough. If I feel like having some fun and adding depth to my experience I will combine it with one of the other four. If you decide to experiment, let me know how you do. It is always fun to meet another who is walking the path, not to get to the end but for the sheer joy of the journey.

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