Is the Perfect Relationship Possible?

The perfect relationship is not some unattainable, half-baked, philosophical, pie-in-the-sky idea. It is a reality simple to attain if you know the rules. Note I said simple, not easy. The perfect relationship takes work to be sure but it is a labor of love. The perfect relationship is exciting and exhilarating. It is also trying and demanding. But it will never be boring. The problem with 99.9% of interpersonal relationships is that one or both parties do not understand how a relationship naturally unfolds and grows towards fruition.

Any relationship between you and another person has three basic elements; there’s the “you” element, the “them” element, and the “we” element. You have control over your self, the “you” element. They are responsible for “them” and you work together on “we.”

Obviously, “you” is the foundation and starting point for any relationship. You must be at home with who you are, your inner essence as it were, if you expect your relationship to flourish. As it turns out this is the easy part. Quantum Entrainment helps restore health and harmony to body and mind from your very first experience. (To learn more about Quantum Entrainment visit The Kinslow System website at:

Dr. George Land has provided us with a perfectly beautiful roadmap to navigate the trials and tribulations of the “we” element of your relationship. George is a Pulitzer Prize submitted author, a general systems scientist and discoverer of Transformation Theory. He studies patterns of creativity and growth in everything from subatomic particles to chemical clocks to international business. He discovered that every level of life follows three distinct phases of creativity and growth.  In a recent conversation over a cup of tea, George told me that interpersonal relationships are no exception. Relationships can be enriched and encouraged by understanding these unique phases of growth and transformation. (If you would like to know more about the three universal phases of growth pick up a copy of Breakpoint and Beyond by George Land and Beth Jarman.)

So, what’s the formula for a perfect relationship? First “Know Thy Self” then know where thy self is headed. Do QE to increase harmony, health, and happiness then share it in alignment with the natural laws of growth and transformation. You will be amazed at how very much fulfilling and fun growing a relationship can be. (If you would like to attend the QE workshop on relationships check for dates/locations at:

0 thoughts on “Is the Perfect Relationship Possible?

  • Frank, you are so right!
    For me, the most important thing is the ‘who am I, what do I want, is my heart really open and loving?’ (and then be honest, maybe the biggest problem?) I think, if you begin to feel unconditional love (to yourself included), every ‘bad’ thing can and will be transformed into something unbelievably beautiful. (Please excuse my bad English).
    I know we can transform everything into a real good thing. And thanks a lot for sharing your wisdom!
    Love, Kerstin

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