Picture the Perfect World

Picture a world where you are following your innermost desires, doing the work that you are naturally drawn to do and love. It dovetails perfectly with your talents and interests. Your work regenerates you rather Than tiring you out. Time flies by almost too quickly. Like the flickering splinters of a lit sparkler, creativity burns within you. You are self-motivated, take pride in your work, and feel like you are a cohesive and contributing part to a grander plan. You are complete. In essence you are living in accord with your natural talents and interests, at one with yourself and your environment.

Now zoom out so that you are looking down on a city of people just like you. They are like you, each a productive and prodigious part of a grander plan. With little conscious effort each soul supports the other joyfully and with selfless purpose. Conflicts still exists but are resolved from a level of creative exuberance, joy, and playfulness. Distorting emotions and aberrant behavior are all but nonexistent. This city is not a place of individual minds and methods and self-serving agendas. It is an entity unto itself. It is alive, a vibrant reflection of the contentment and creativity of its inhabitants.

Now zoom out further so that you are looking down on the whole earth, that liquid blue marble spinning silently, powerfully on its axis. Know that every individual of every city of every country is living in perfect harmony within nature. We all have this vision of Utopia inside us. It came with us when we burst into this world and drew that first blazing breath of life into our lungs. It was there in childhood before we were taught our limitations. Then it was set aside, sequestered in the dungeons within, those dark places where we chain our most animated dreams until they tire. And there they slumber in the darkness waiting. It takes but a single shard of sunlight to scatter the darkness and reawaken even our deepest dreams.

When you become aware of Eufeeling you will find that sunlight already abides within you. This is not something you must acquire. You do not need to train or travel. You already have everything you need to see that light. You need only look in the direction of the sun and memory becomes full reality.

QE Expanded My Heart (English/French)

There Is Only One Eufeeling (Part 1)

There Is Only One Eufeeling (Part 2)

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