Rock & Air: It Takes Two to Tango

John Donne advocated that, “No man is an island.” He wanted us to know that we are not alone in this world. We are an integral part of all that is. That is a simple enough statement and I suspect more profound than Donne may have, or could have imagined.

Modern-day physics has discovered this to be true on the micro level. Nothing exists in isolation. Even the wave, the most basic unit of the universe, undulates out into infinity potentially poised to influence any other wave. The wave is simultaneously a thing and a potential. While it is being it is also becoming.

This is also true on the macro level, the level of thinking and planning, of families and social interaction that demands our constant attention. But here’s the interesting thing. As it is on the micro, so it is on the macro level. Although infinitely more complicated than the life of the simple wave, we are also at once being and becoming.

Because we must navigate and influence the people and things of our lives we tend to focus only on our being side. By that I mean we see ourselves as permanent, or at least semi – permanent; more like wood or rock and less like air or water. But like the solitary wave we have a potential, flowing and future oriented. If we fail to recognize this future – force we miss what it is to be fully human.

When placed in a closed box air will immediately fill its container. Air’s molecules excitedly explore and interact with every side and corner of the box. A rock placed in a box stands rigidly apart from its container. It remains isolated. Rocks are okay on their own when a human is put in a box he becomes lonely. We humans are social beings not by choice but by design. And by design we are nearing the end of the second phase of a three-phase transformation to greater productivity, prosperity, and fulfillment. (In subsequent posts I would like to explore in more detail this fascinating human journey of transformation toward fulfillment. See reading list below.)

Our present phase of social evolution places heavy emphasis on individual success repressing our innate affinity to connect with others in love and support. We believe in survival of the fittest. We have developed “rock” mentality. Despite the fact that there are billions of us living literally stacked one on top of the other, we still manage to feel isolated. Our fix for loneliness is to smother it with the ever-increasing noise of incessant activity. We are rocks who want to be air. What we don’t realize is that we are already both air and rock, being and becoming.

We already have everything we need to transition into a more loving and supportive lifestyle. And how do we do that? First, we become aware of who we are in our fullness, our being. Second, we apply the basic principles of growth and transformation, our becoming.  As it turns out this is not only easy but it is fun. (You may want to discover the simple, direct approach of The Kinslow System )

Let’s explore together our ideas and experiences and our vision of the future of humankind. It’s time the human race laid the cornerstone for its transition into a more loving and fulfilling future. We have everything we need… Why not right here? Why not right now?

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