Givers & Takers (Part One)

All the people inhabiting this beautiful blue marble spinning in the blackness of space can be broken into two groups; givers and takers. The takers, according to Abraham Maslow, are those who are scaling his pyramid of needs. And what do you suspect is the goal of all this climbing and clambering? Why, to reach the pinnacle and become self-actualized. Once they reach that most exalted capstone, takers become givers. (Note: Maslow refers to givers as Transcenders. See past posts: They Are Among Us Part I & II / Why Can’t I Love? Part I & II)

Whether they know it or not, anyone who is breathing is endeavoring to become a giver. I know, given the deplorable state of human affairs, I must sound like I just fell off the turnip truck. But there is no doubt about it. If we are not already a giver we are trying to become one. It doesn’t look that way because so many of us are takers, 98% to 99% of us are still clawing our way up that damn pyramid. But there is light at the end of the tunnel or, maybe I should say a beacon at the pinnacle of the pyramid.

If your goal is to become self-actualized then it is actually quite easy once you get the hang of it. First, you have to know what your Self is, right? I mean, if you don’t know what the goal is how will you know when you have reached it? Do you think your Self is a better paying job? Is it finding someone who understands you or realized by eliminating that debilitating backache? Of course not! If you are looking for your Self where it is not that I can guarantee you won’t find it there.

(Join us for Givers & Takers, Part Two where we will discover where your Self is hiding, why takers take, and what you can do about it.)

One thought on “Givers & Takers (Part One)

  • Corina Cardinale says:

    Dear Frank and team
    I am a giver but financially not free yet. If I had millions I would give them to people that are in need.
    At the moment I am in my first steps of finding a way to set me financially free.
    It’s a complicated process going on.
    I had a lot of debts for several years.
    But even though I’ve been working very hard for 25 years, I never managed to get rid of it.
    I am female, european, (Italy , Croatia, Switzerland, CZ Republic )
    42y, and start up with nothing, beginning from zero.
    kind regards

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