How Nothing Works (Part 1)

‘‘No matter what I tried, nothing worked. And then I got it. Nothing works!’’ ~ Frank Kinslow

I know that quoting myself may seem a little self-absorbed, but when I first made this discovery I was totally bowled over by its implications. This single revelation has sparked a revolution that has reduced suffering and improved the quality of life of many, many thousands around the globe. It is why we are meeting here, and I just wanted to share this insight with you.

What I have discovered does not depend on your mind, but on your awareness. Do you have awareness? Well of course you do, otherwise you would not be reading this blog/book. You don’t have to synthetically generate your awareness like you do with a positive emotion, right? When you are awake you are aware naturally and without effort. So this is our starting point, common everyday awareness.

The next ingredient in this remarkable recipe to remove suffering and increase success is perception. Perception is how you fill your awareness. We perceive through our senses: sight, taste, touch, smell, and hearing. When you see a flower, the image of the flower is thrown onto the retina of your eye. The perception of the flower on the retina is changed into electrical impulses which are transmitted to your brain. Your brain translates the electrical impulses into an image of the flower you are looking at. The whole process is automatic and instantaneous.

In this case you would see the flower but without awareness; you would not know that the flower exists. If your eye were a camera then perception would be the procedure of taking the picture – that is, getting the image of the flower through the lens and recorded on the memory card. In this analogy, awareness is the light that makes the whole process possible. Without light there is effectively no image of the flower and therefore no perception of the flower. As far as you are concerned, it does not exist.

YouTube Video: Pure Eufeeling: Awareness of Nothing [English/Japanese]

Book: When Nothing Works Try Doing Nothing

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