What Is Your Ultimate Goal?

What does it mean to be fully human? I’m afraid not too many of us have entertained question much less found an answer to it. The picture I have in my skull that most of us humans keep looking one step in front of us, raising our heads only occasionally to see if we’re still on track, as we move through our lives. And when we look up what are we looking for? Usually we are headed for a limited goal like a good job, fulfilling relationship, or even our next vacation. And these are goals that unfold in a positive or life-affirming direction. There are also the goals of regression like fear, jealousy, anger, and greed, based on defense and a need to survive. In either case we fall far short of what it means to be fully human.

Contrast the life of the common man to this definition by Abraham Maslow from Religions, Values, and Peak Experiences, “The fully human person in certain moments perceives the unity of the cosmos, fuses with it, and rests in it, completely satisfied for the moment in his yearning for oneness. This is a fully human person.” (QE Blog: They Are among Us Part 1 & 2) How many people do you know that have becoming fully human as their goal? Not many I am sure. And yet, to become completely ourselves should be the ultimate goal and the basic striving of every one of us. Don’t you agree?

The remarkable thing is, every human being grows naturally toward fulfilling his full potential, becoming fully human. It is designed as part of our genetic blueprint. A healthy human moves ever so steadily toward greater honesty, goodness, beauty, simplicity, playfulness, self-sufficiency, and wholeness. We flow unquestionably in that direction from the moment that sperm and egg unite.

Because it is natural it is easy, or easier than the alternative we have chosen. It takes a great deal of energy and effort to thwart the natural flow of evolution toward our higher self. But we have managed to achieve not only mediocrity but self-destructive attitudes and behaviors that threaten our very annihilate within a few short generations. We have become so alienated to our natural tendencies that we have lost touch with reality. Reality in this case is that which supports growth towards greater harmony in love. I said that growing into our fullness is easy and it is… Once you know how. It will take a little time, and a little practice but not as much as you might think. Once you get into the “flow” you will find yourself having more fun and fulfillment and that includes your challenges. You can still have your everyday goals but let them support something beyond the goal itself. Let them support your self in harmony, wholeness, and beauty. (Love Your Self)

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  • Christiane Lemahieu says:

    I guess it is what we are all looking for.
    During incarnation most of us stay in the spiritual world & do not really incarnate or really incarnate (get into flesh) & loose contact with the spiritual.
    It takes time to find ways to have both at the same time.
    Many give up on the road, others fall a thousand times & stand up & go on… till they find ways to have both at the same time.

  • I awake every morning and am not able to stand up to do the things I should. I have not the least joy of life. Then I hear 1 hour the exercises of Frank Kinslow and do my everyday duty. I am not sure if visualizing of material things is the right thing or should I only visualize harmony and joy. My view of the world and my roll in the universe is very confudes at the moment. This situation of depression in the morning I have since 35 years……
    Desperation is a weak word to describe my situation, because I have tried so many methods since I landed by Frank Kinslow. …and nothing changes, quite the contrary.
    Many Gretings Ilse

    • Does this mean, that should better visualize pure harmony and wholeness than material goals in the belief that the universe fullfills these desires automatically when I live in harmony?

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