A New Direction – the Negative Side of Positive Thinking (Part 6)

You could well ask, “How is the Stoics negative-neutralizing-positive approach any different from the positive thinker’s positive-neutralizing-negative orientation?” There is a subtle distinction but an extremely important one for all who search for fulfillment. Positive thinkers want to replace negativity with positivity, a kind of denial of reality. Stoics, and a number of other systems that accentuate the negative, do not look to supplant positive emotions. Rather, they strive to recognize the reality that negative and positive both exist, and that the realization of such frees one from struggling to achieve happiness. In other words, they look for the still state that underlies and connects both worlds. The Stoics are searching for EuStillness.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Stoics and other negative-visualization advocates, law-of-attraction practitioners and other positive thinkers, as well as those minds stuffed full of the mundane, the magnificent, or even the magical, are all searching for the same thing: EuStillness. EuStillness is the ground state connecting, supporting, and inner-penetrating all worlds, negative and positive. In fact, when aware of EuStillness the contrast between negative and positive begins to soften. I guess a good analogy would be sugar cubes in water. Place a few inches of water in a tumbler. Drop in two sugar cubes: one represents negative and the other positive. Watch as the integrity of each cube dissolves first into each other and then, in time, disappearing into the water itself. What is called for is a way to resolve the apparent struggle between the forces of positive and negative. We are looking for some process or perception that allows you to know both positive and negative and, more importantly, the unifying essence, the glue that binds the two. Or, in the case of the sugar cubes, the water into which both the negative and positive cubes dissolve.

Book: When Nothing Works Try Doing Nothing

Audio Downloads: Nothing Works Techniques

YouTube Video: QE Demonstration (Calcified Shoulder) English/French

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