How Does Perception Affect Your Relationship? (Part 4/8)

When we accept the image of ourselves that is generated by ego we separate ourselves from what we perceive as other images. The image “me” interacts with the image “you.” Everything is great as long as the image “you” supports the image “me.” Bohm taught us that even the image of “you” is created by “me.”

I do not see you as you really are. I see you as my mind wants to see you. You are perceived by “me” as filtered through my ego-influenced mind. That is how “you” is created by “me.” Who you really are is a mystery. It has nothing to do with the image I have created and call “you.” While I was creating an image of “you”, you were busy creating an image of me. We are like two puppeteers each working our own puppet. So engrossed are we in making the puppets interact we never take time to see who is actually pulling the strings of the other puppet.

Krishnamurti revealed that when you have an image of yourself you create a division between yourself and another. He told us that relationships are created between two images that thought has created. He further revealed that the two images have their own needs and desires. They have their own agendas and live virtually isolated taking comfort in the illusion of agreement. Krishnamurti said. “…the images run parallel, like two railway lines, never meeting, except perhaps in bed…What a tragedy it has become.” And then, he asks a poignant and most powerful question “Is thought love?”

Thought is love, conditional love. Thought is love never-lasting. Thought, born of the common consciousness mind, created “me” and dictates the conditions under which “me” can love. Conditional love is subservient to conditions. Conditions are always changing. Therefore, love is always changing. It can be no other way. You cannot stay in love. It is impossible. Flirting with conditional love is living a lie. You cannot live the illusion of conditional love when Universal Love is only a heartbeat away. Your Self, another name for Eufeeling, will not allow it. And that is a good thing…

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[Continued next week – How Does Perception Affect Your Relationship? (Part V)]

0 thoughts on “How Does Perception Affect Your Relationship? (Part 4/8)

  • Bruno Dalle CARBONARE says:

    The question now arises who is really pulling the rope of the puppets? Since the puppets i.e. me and you are not interesting anymore, they are just doing what the player is doing in the background. And how many players are behind the scene? You guess what I think: There is only ONE!

  • Philippe Le Goff says:

    Merci à Frank Kinslow pour m’avoir fait connaître le QE au travers de ses livres. Merci d’ organiser un séminaire en octobre 2014 à Paris. Bienvenue en France et à très bientôt à Paris ! Amitiés. Philippe Le Goff.

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