Why Can’t I Love? (Part II)

As goes the species so goes the individual. Homo sapiens, that’s us, are in the second phase of the three phase transformational process to full potential. Maslow offered his hierarchy of needs for the individual. The collective human race is made of, you guessed it, individuals. As it turns out we have been trudging slowly over the eons towards the realization of universal love. We haven’t gotten there as a species but we are close, very close. According to George Land, the discoverer of Transformation Theory, it is past time we opened to our natural ability to connect with others and love unconditionally. Instead of embracing fully a most promising heritage we have actually been fighting against it. Why? As Land says, “Most self-imposed limits come from the assumption that has prevailed for almost all of recorded history, that is, that the present is the result of past causes. This automatically leads us into re-creating the past instead of being able to fully create the future we want.” We have been unaware of the alternative. We feel that those who lead exemplary lives are somehow beyond us and it simply is not true.

So here’s what I’m saying… We have an incredible future waiting just a hair’s breadth away. It is our birthright and we have everything we need right now to live beyond the bounds frustration, fear, and suffering. Both sides of us, the logical and the creative, together have drawn the map. Great thinkers are pointing the way but we have more than that. We have living proof in the Transcenders, from spiritual teachers to the kind and loving soul next door.

Self-actualization, awareness of Eufeeling, is an individual and private power. It is also natural and easy to experience. How could it be otherwise? Awareness of Eufeeling lifts us beyond the trials and tribulations of our present predicament and gently but firmly places us within our new human reality, one of connecting, contributing, and cooperation. And there we connect with others of like minds and open hearts. Human beings are social animals. This also is hardwired and is a need that must be fulfilled. So if you find it hard to love first become aware of your Self, your inner essence, that deliciously full and loving Eufeeling within. Once you are full to overflowing you will find other self-actualizers to share the joy of being fully human. Then you will turn to inspire the rest of us who have been futilely looking to the past to be rescued. You will show us how a simple shift in perception will let us love fully and without fear.

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Video: Eufeeling

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