Dr. Frank J. Kinslow: What Is the Meaning of Life? Nothing Gives Meaning to Life

Except in the narrowest sense, the question, “What is the meaning of life?” is ludicrous. That is unless you can clearly define “life.” Is life biological? Social, spiritual, political? Is it all of these? None of these? You see?

When we finally define life for ourselves, does our definition work for others? I say yes in the broadest sense. But ultimately, I have to say “no.” The more precisely we define life, the more uniquely it molds to our own individual perceptions and preferences. In the end, life is wholly confined to a single and solitary perspective, yours.

That leaves you alone in all the universe. Not a quieting thought for many. But it is this unique oneness that creates Self-love. Following others, before we fall in love with our Self creates uncertainty, frustration, and disillusionment. Sure, we have faith and hope, and that uplifts us for the moment. But the feeling of a more positive future itself feeds the fetters of illusion. There is no substance there. Isn’t that so? Then, what can we do? The answer, nothing!

Once you realize there is nothing to do and nowhere to go you are free of cajoling and controlling, nudging and shoving your Self into prepackaged philosophies and practices espoused by other searching Selfs. When you are doing nothing, aware that nothing need be done, you are precisely poised between the two worlds, material and spiritual. There you are free of both. What a relief, yes? No more trying. Here’s what I mean.

Once you know life is devoid of meaning you slip beyond the confines of convention and experience true freedom. You become entirely free to enjoy without grasping, without the need to own your life. Your Self is the screen. Everything else is the movie projected upon it. The dark and light flickering of life does not stick to your Self.

You are free to flow through life without a goal or with infinite goals, it doesn’t matter. The comings and goings come and go without sticking to your psyche. What is left is pure you, your Self free of the bindings of musts and needs and wants and shoulds.

So, how hard is it to do nothing and appreciate the infinite joys life offers? It is the simplest thing you could ever do. Self is your essential nature before it got covered over with the imprinted hopes and needs of others. The childhood “you” was once free to be. It took a lifetime of squeezing and scrunching to fit your Self into the box it now inhabits. It only takes moments to open that box.

Don’t believe me? Do it now! Instead of the words on this page become aware of the space between them. Find another space, …and another. Innocently observe space with no expectations. Soon space will fill your awareness. Thought and desire will fade to nothing. Go ahead, let your awareness be easily in one space after another. Before you know it, you will know it; your Self! Your unfettered, unencumbered, unadulterated Self. What a joy. What a reunion.

Now before your intellect begins dissecting this pure state of least excitation take another moment or two and continue your innocent awareness of the space between the words. Do it a little while longer, I’ll wait…

Now, become aware of your whole body. More relaxed, yes? Become aware of your mind. More peaceful, Yes? In just these first few moments, you are already beginning to appreciate the value of going nowhere and doing nothing. And, I must add, knowing nothing.

Knowing nothing is the progenitor of knowing the essence of everything. Nothing holds everything together. Like the blank sheet, these words are written on, nothing gives the snippets and scraps of life cohesion. Nothing is our other life, ignored at great expense but eagerly embraced to our great astonishment.

And that is why I say nothing gives meaning to life.


~Dr. Frank J. Kinslow has been researching and teaching healing and happiness techniques for more than 55 years. He draws from his clinical experience as a chiropractic physician, in-depth studies into Eastern esoteric philosophies and practices, and an ardent love of relativity and quantum physics.

In 2007, out of a deep personal crisis, Dr. Kinslow discovered the fountainhead of healing and happiness, which he came to call Eufeeling. His first impulse was to share Eufeeling with others. He developed Quantum Entrainment, a technique that quietly activates the autonomic nervous system to spontaneously and naturally create an atmosphere in which deep healing takes place. Dr. Kinslow’s teachings and writings have introduced tens of thousands of people worldwide to the almost magical influence of Eufeeling.

Dr. Kinslow is inspired and guided by the working philosophy expressed most plainly by the quote: “Healing makes us happy, and happiness heals.” He has written several international bestsellers and continues to write and teach in Sarasota, Florida, with his wife, Martina.


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