Positive Thinking Is a Form of Denial

In our last blog we said your thoughts are like the great variety of life forms that inhabit the ocean. Let’s step out of our ocean analogy for a moment and find out why positive thinking, as it is presently practiced, does not work. We tend to think that negative and positive thoughts are two different conditions of the same perception just like hot and cold are two different conditions of water. If hot water were considered negative and cold water positive then all we have to do is add enough cold water to the hot and it will quickly become cold. Some feel that adding enough positive thoughts to a negative perception will turn it into a positive perception but in reality that model does not work. Those of us who try to overpower a negative perception with positive thoughts are deluding ourselves. It takes a great deal of energy to maintain a positive attitude in a negative situation. It takes virtually no energy at all to perceive a positive situation. In reality a negative perception and a positive perception are not two different conditions of the same perception. In actuality they are two completely different perceptions. They are apples and oranges. Trying to turn apples into oranges by combining the two only makes a mess. Trying to convince yourself that a mess is not a mess is a form of denial that is both damaging and draining.

In later blogs we will devote a good deal more time to the fallacy that positive thinking, and the law of attraction improves our quality of life.

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0 thoughts on “Positive Thinking Is a Form of Denial

  • Hiya very nice web site!! Guy .. Excellent .. Superb .. I’ll bookmark your website and take the feeds additionally…I am glad to search out so many helpful info here in the submit, we’d like develop more strategies on this regard, thank you for sharing.

  • Dear Frank,

    it is an experience I got thru QE and in the end I know, that nice or not so nice things happen and my mind shows with actual evaluation, the state of itself.

    Apart of all there is eufeeling and when it is there nearly all the time, it is not important, if there are negative thoughts. Anyway they will pass by!

    What I would say is the extreme importance of the actual eufeeling estate. This is important and if there are other things happening – so what!

  • Dr. Frank, Thanks for your article on Positive Thinking, I tend to agree with your view, from a QE perspective it certainly makes perfect sense.

    It would be helpful if you can devote a more detailed article on the subject.


  • With respect, positive thoughts based on what’s real and powerful can replace negative thoughts successfully. No need to mix thoughts, just transform one into the other. Yes it needs an effort, just learn to do it and practice.

  • And when you use a positive thought to undo a negative thought all you are doing is using thought to change thought. You aren’t undoing anything. It’s like moving furniture around. There isn’t some permanent entity hanging around we call the ego. Rather, we create our “self,” moment by moment with either a positive “I” thought or a negative “I” thought. Any self-centered thought will do. We identify with each arising thought so that who we think we are is always morphing into good or bad. In this open spaciousness we call QE we see what we are and all thoughts, good or bad are like clouds moving through in a fast storm.

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