Givers & Takers (Part Two)

So where is your Self? (In QE we called the Self – Eufeeling.) Well as it turns out it is everywhere all the time so you should be able to find it anywhere, anytime, right? You just have to be able to recognize it when you see it. That’s how I developed Quantum Entrainment. I first discovered my Self in the quiet reaches “within my mind”. Once I came to know my Self within I began to shake hands with it in every aspect of my outside life. I encountered it in the oppressive heat of a mid-August afternoon, the unabashed love shaken wildly from my dog’s wagging tail, the sting of a mosquito and the itch that followed, and in the stillness at the end of the day well lived. Giving flows effortlessly from a full vessel.

What are takers taking? They are taking anything they think will substitute for their Self. Material things, ideas, and emotions are all pale substitutes for the Self. They can bring no lasting satisfaction. Takers keep taking to fill their emptiness, not only a fruitless and frustrating exertion but most often dangerous to others and, most assuredly to themselves.

How do takers become givers? Not by trying to fill their emptiness for emptiness is an illusion. It is not in the doing but in the being. And what must a taker be? Aware! Being aware of Self as often as possible, in every situation, in every direction. Present awareness crafts an appreciation of the here and now. Worries of the future and guilt about the past are air. And air effortlessly empties as your vessel fills with the liquid love of Self-awareness. It takes some practice and some patience but results begin immediately.

What if you want to remain a taker? Do you have a choice? Not really. If you want to remain, for whatever reason a taker, your days are numbered. The momentum is with you now but it is changing. It has been slow, the 1% pushing against the 99%. But soon the illusion will lift and we will begin to discover, slowly at first and then with exponential momentum, how easy and joyful it is to be a full vessel and to share that fullness with all. It really is our only option for if you win, we all lose.

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