Newton Is Not Dead – He’s Just Resting

It has been almost a century since the counterintuitive principles of quantum mechanics befuddled and then shocked the physics community. Even the fathers of this “new science” could not believe what they had created. Neils Bohr, a founding father and driving force behind this strange new science said, “Anyone who is not shocked by the quantum theory has not understood it.” Werner Heisenberg, most noted for his uncertainty principle, told us, “… here the foundations of physics have started moving;...

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Is the Perfect Relationship Possible?

The perfect relationship is not some unattainable, half-baked, philosophical, pie-in-the-sky idea. It is a reality simple to attain if you know the rules. Note I said simple, not easy. The perfect relationship takes work to be sure but it is a labor of love. The perfect relationship is exciting and exhilarating. It is also trying and demanding. But it will never be boring. The problem with 99.9% of interpersonal relationships is that one or both parties do not understand how...

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What Do You Mean “Know Thy Self”?

We humans are social animals. From our very meager beginnings as hunter – gatherers we have banded together for our mutual safety and support. Social interaction is as intimate to us as the genes that determine our eye color and sex. Given the 7 billion individuals that populate the earth you would think that social isolation would be a near impossibility. But au contraire, technological advances seem to be driving an ever wider wedge between the individual and the rest...

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