Glossary of QE Blog Terms

Enlightenment – [see EuStillness awareness] transcendence of ego; free of fear; motivated by truth, beauty, goodness, and unity; innovators, discoverers; two stages: Eu-awareness (first stage), EuStillness awareness (second stage).

Eu-awareness – Action performed while aware of Eufeeling. Awareness beyond the bonds of cause and effect, free of fear and disharmony. One becomes the observer as creation takes place through them, not from them.

Eufeeling – The perception of wholeness. The first glimmering of individuality in the mind. The natural state of human awareness. Eufeeling is timeless and cannot die. The mind recognizes Eufeeling as pure peace, joy, compassion, love, bliss, etc. The foundation for Eu-awareness and precursor to EuStillness awareness.

EuMed – EuStillness meditation. Doing the EuStillness Technique sitting with eyes closed usually for extended periods of time. Part of the EuStillness 90-Day Program.

EuStillness – Absolute stillness. Unexpressed universal love. The lens through which pure awareness creates. The perception of Eufeeling before it takes form in the mind. (Also known as Pure Eufeeling.)

EuStillness Awareness – [see Enlightenment] the perception of pure awareness in the phenomenal world. Awareness of absolute, non-moving, undying stillness at the same time you are aware of the always changing, always moving realm of phenomenal existence. The experience of awareness of pure awareness while remaining aware; not thought, not feeling but still aware. The purest state of individual awareness. Being fully human.

Intuition – the quietest, subtlest, most refined reflection of Eufeeling. Thinking and feeling are conceived in the womb of intuition. A perception of wholeness, certain knowing.

Love – when two things unite to create greater harmony. The expression of order; coherence. The opposite of entropy; death.

Non-transcender – member of any group below self-actualizing. Rarely if ever have peak experience.

Nothing – (See pure awareness) What is left when form completely dissipates.

Phase 1 – Survival: The stage of growth where the type of creativity relies on invention. The growing organism is searching for an initial pattern of successful growth that will connect with its environment.

Phase 2 – Expansion: Once a first phase pattern has been invented growth demands that creativity shift to building on a pattern, by repeating, improving, and extending it. Characterized by linear, analytical thinking. Push towards a single point.

Phase 3 – Love: A system opens to creative innovation. This requires integrating what was previously excluded and including the new and the different within the old pattern. Characterized by nonlinear, intuitive thinking. Pulled towards infinite possibilities. Transcenders exhibit phase 3, love behavior.

Pure Awareness – that which is unchanging, without beginning or end. Nothing; absolute stillness. The state of no thoughts. The gap between thoughts. Beyond form and energy. All permeating.

Self – (see Eufeeling)

Self-actualization – early stages of self-actualizing group. Peak experiences. Perceives Eu-awareness.

Self-awareness – (see Eu-awareness)

Stillness – (see Pure Awareness) What is left when energy stops moving.

Theory of transformation – An original interpretation detailing Nature’s dynamic creative growth and change process. The three phases of growth and transformation that every system must traverse. Discovered by George Land.

Transcender – highest level in self-actualizing group. Plateau experiences Includes the self-actualizer. Experiences EuStillness. Enlightened. Phase 3, love behavior.

Universal love – the force that unites. Can only be lived through direct experience. Cannot be learned by practicing forgiveness, charity, acceptance, serenity, or the like.

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