What Does it Mean to be Fully Human?

What does it mean to be “fully human”? What are we capable of becoming? Of being? Is it important or practical to search for the answer? Are we even capable of conceiving what it means to be fully human? Could becoming fully human save our species? How could that be realized? Would it be attainable, practical? This promises to be a fascinating discussion of humanities pit falls and growing potential.

At the very least this basic question is interesting. But I feel it is more than merely thought-provoking. I feel the answering of this question drives us to the very heart of the human condition. In fact, I am convinced that when we liquify the illusion we will answer what ails the human condition. We will heal emotionally, socially, globally, and ultimately finally our longsuffering species.

Initially you might feel this topic too far removed from the practical concerns of your day-to-day live. Not so! Delving into the almost unfathomable depths of the flawed human condition can help you pay the rent, improve relations with coworkers, strengthen your immune system and may even bring you closer to your God. I and others feel that exposing the underpinnings of the human condition is not only interesting but practical. In fact, we feel it is our most vital journey.

Anyway, I’d like to know what you feel. What are your thoughts and experiences. I realize this concern is of great magnitude. So, like any monumental problem we start by breaking it into bite sized pieces, more easily swallowed and digested. Feel free to answer and add to these questions. Then check back in a few days, read what others have posted and offer your continuing thoughts.

In that spirit, I would like to start us off with a bite size definition of what makes a fully functioning human. This will be our starting point, a touchstone to refer to, dive into, expand upon. It comes from the mind of a psychologist who studied healthy human behavior. Abraham Maslow, who was later hailed as the father of humanistic psychology wrote for us this definition of a fully human person. It appears in his essential book, Religions, Values, and Peak Experiences.

“The fully human person in certain moments perceives the unity of the cosmos, fuses with it, and rests in it, completely satisfied for the moment in his yearning for oneness. This is a fully human person.”

Maslow’s description at first may seem unattainable. Not even close. QE’ers often and for extended periods “fuse” with the cosmos. It is easy! It is practical! It is QE! (90 Days to Becoming Fully Human)

I’d love to know what you think, feel. Here are a few questions that come to my mind. Add your own as you think of them.

  • Is Maslow’s definition realistic?
  • What has being fully human got to do with my physical or emotional ailment(s)?
  • Is the “unity of the cosmos” Eufeeling?
  • Why is it so hard to be happy?
  • How would my being a fully human person help others?
  • Do I have to believe “believe” to make it work?
  • Won’t science and technology eventually help us be fully human?
  • What are some examples of fully human people?
  • Why is there so much suffering in this world?

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