Why Can’t I Love? (Part I)

Have you ever felt limited in love? Have you ever felt that your love is locked away, unable to find a way into the hearts of others? You know you have more love to give but it just doesn’t seem to get to where it is needed. There is a simple reason for that and a simpler solution.

Love is a creative process. It is creation. It unites darkened souls in the light of harmony and joy. Each of us was born to love. It is our inner essence. Enlivened, love flows effortlessly from heart to heart. Restricted, it becomes desiccated, a shriveled memory of what could have been. But what opens our life to the free flow of love and what restricts it?

We humans live in two worlds, one of logic and analysis the other abstract creativity, one of destruction the other of creation. They are both necessary and mutually exclusive. The lysis part of analysis means to breakdown or cut apart. While we are presently analyzing why love is restricted, that analysis cannot give us love. So once we understand what restricts our love we will still need to discover how to let love flow effortlessly into our world.

Abraham Maslow established a hierarchy of needs that told us we could not start loving until our physiological and safety needs were met. Meeting our love and belonging needs and esteem needs means that we can begin loving. This “beginners love” is conditional. Conditional love is subservient to how we feel about ourselves and how others feel about us. But Maslow tells us that we are capable of a much grander love, a universal, unbounded, unconditional love. This love blossoms in what Maslow calls self-actualization.

Another word for Self is Eufeeling. Self-actualization means becoming aware of Eufeeling. Awareness of Eufeeling is the natural and highest human awareness. Self-actualizing individuals who are aware of Eufeeling are at the top of their game. Maslow calls them Transcenders.

Although Transcenders are rare today making up about 0.5-2% of the population they are not abnormal. Quite the contrary, living aware of Eufeeling (QE awareness) is the normal expression of a human being when all our basic needs are met. We are hardwired for self-actualization. We have everything we need right now to live in unconditional love and the transition is so simple, so natural and easy it is amazing that only 2% of us have discovered the secret.

So what is the answer to living unconditional love? Let’s explore that very interesting topic in the second part of this post, Why Can’t I Love? (Part II)

The Kinslow System™

Eufeeling!: The Art of Creating Inner Peace and Outer Prosperity

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