Most People Don’t Even Know They Have Pure Awareness

Everything we experience is through pure awareness. Most people don’t even know they have pure awareness much less that it is their essential nature. It is more intimate to us than our families, our jobs, and even our health for without pure awareness we would have none of these things. It is pure awareness that makes it possible for us to feel, to think, to perceive, and to experience life in all its vibrant beauty. Pure awareness is our very essence.

In our daily life pure awareness has remained hidden. It works behind the scenes breathing life into life itself. When we become aware of pure awareness we tune into the actual lifeblood of creation. When we become aware of pure awareness we become like it and the mysteries of life unfold before our very eyes. What’s that mean to you in practical everyday language? It means you will have more energy, more success, more fun, and more love and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

In quantum mechanics pure awareness is loosely analogous to implicate order, the formless non-energy from which all form and energy come. Everything you perceive, raindrops in a puddle, the hum of your refrigerator motor, the reflection of your face in the mirror, every created thing first begins as pure awareness.

Now here’s the problem. Your mind is not interested in pure awareness because it cannot directly perceive it. To the mind pure awareness is nothing. If it cannot perceive pure awareness then it cannot do what minds love to do; identify, analyze, manipulate, and create something new. So your mind is quickly bored with pure awareness the very thing that abolishes boredom. What to do?

Enter Eufeeling! Eufeeling is unique in all creation. It has, so to speak, a foot in both worlds. It is both formless pure awareness and the first beautiful expression of pure awareness in your mind. When you look at the water in an ocean you see that it takes many forms. On the surface there are waves and foam and currents flowing like great rivers. Below the surface there the water exhibits a diverse array of temperatures, densities, and clarity. The surface of the ocean can be very volatile while on the bottom of the ocean the water can be very still. If your mind were an ocean pure awareness would be the water and Eufeeling would be the different forms that water becomes. Your thoughts would be like the great variety of life forms that inhabit the ocean.

Try this simple pure awareness experience…

  • Look down at your feet
  • Now look up at the ceiling
  • What was in your mind from the time you looked at your feet to the time you looked at the ceiling?
  • Nothing, right? But you were still aware, right? You just had a brief experience of pure awareness!

Now enjoy this extended pure awareness experience:

Stop Thought Experience

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