Why Your Intention Doesn’t Work (Part I)

If you have ever done any intention work you have probably wondered why your intentions don’t work most of the time. You follow all the rules, and there are plenty of them to follow, and still you don’t get what you want. It all boils down to a matter of love… Universal love. Look at yourself as being the center of creation. This is not egotistical but a simple fact of perception. Where else would the center of creation be...

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Where Have All the Children Gone?

I taught a workshop in Hamburg, Germany last weekend on relationships. I made the point that before we can love another we must first love our self. The deepest expression of self-love is when we become aware of our Eufeeling. Once we become aware of Eufeeling however we still have to work within the relationship have to work within the relationship to make it “fit” with our partner. This requires attention to a number of areas but to make it...

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Newton Is Not Dead – He’s Just Resting

It has been almost a century since the counterintuitive principles of quantum mechanics befuddled and then shocked the physics community. Even the fathers of this “new science” could not believe what they had created. Neils Bohr, a founding father and driving force behind this strange new science said, “Anyone who is not shocked by the quantum theory has not understood it.” Werner Heisenberg, most noted for his uncertainty principle, told us, “… here the foundations of physics have started moving;...

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