Why Can’t I Love? (Part I)

Have you ever felt limited in love? Have you ever felt that your love is locked away, unable to find a way into the hearts of others? You know you have more love to give but it just doesn’t seem to get to where it is needed. There is a simple reason for that and a simpler solution. Love is a creative process. It is creation. It unites darkened souls in the light of harmony and joy. Each of us...

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The Rule of Two

 A simple perceptual shift in your mind can often remove much confusion in your life. Let me offer two simple rules that will help your mind make a shift that can relieve much self-imposed suffering. Throughout my adult life, I have been guided by these two simple axioms of insight. These two rules have afforded me both comfort and direction. The first one is The Principle of Universal Harmony, “life is harmony.” That is, there is always order in the...

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What Do You Mean “Know Thy Self”?

We humans are social animals. From our very meager beginnings as hunter – gatherers we have banded together for our mutual safety and support. Social interaction is as intimate to us as the genes that determine our eye color and sex. Given the 7 billion individuals that populate the earth you would think that social isolation would be a near impossibility. But au contraire, technological advances seem to be driving an ever wider wedge between the individual and the rest...

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