Where Did We Come from and Where Are We Going? (Part I)

(In previous posts I have mentioned the three phases of human evolution. In this two-part post I want to expand a little on the 3 phases and then introduce a simple solution for our transition into phase 3.) First phase Homo sapiens were hunter-gatherers roaming the savanna, small knots of humanity banded together for mutual support and safety. Our ancient forefathers followed the roving herds out of Africa into Europe, Asia and eventually the Americas. During this precarious first phase...

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How Did We Get into This Mess?

We Homo sapiens have hit a wall. We were doing great right up to the last couple hundred years. What happened? How have we come to be so precariously poised on the edge of lunacy? How is it that we refuse to see the bleakness of extinction slowly seeping into our businesses, communities, and families? Simply, we are not paying attention. We are, in fact, going against our very nature and fighting our own evolution. It is time, past time...

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Rock & Air: It Takes Two to Tango

John Donne advocated that, “No man is an island.” He wanted us to know that we are not alone in this world. We are an integral part of all that is. That is a simple enough statement and I suspect more profound than Donne may have, or could have imagined. Modern-day physics has discovered this to be true on the micro level. Nothing exists in isolation. Even the wave, the most basic unit of the universe, undulates out into infinity...

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