Healthy Conscious Diet

From Conscious Shopping to Conscious cooking and Conscious eating = Healthy Conscious Diet 

I started a consciousness Shopping and Eating program around the end of October 2011.  I have been following a pure vegetarian diet for the past 25 years, with no eggs and fish, i did take dairy products though. During the past two years due to a lot of emotional stress, responsibilities and pressure at my earlier work, i had put on quite a bit of weight which I tried to loose but due to not following a proper balanced diet and not being conscious about my eating, I did not succeed every time i tried to loose weight. 

I was not feeling very healthy and at times a little frustrated and discouraged because no matter what i tried i would again and again regain weight. 

After I learnt Quantum Entrainment and as my practice increased and I spent rather more time in pure awareness my attitude had changed towards everything, in each and every aspect of my life.

I was not feeling bad about my weight and stopped self-criticism.  I finally stopped fighting against my weight and accepted myself as I was.

Towards the end of October 2011, I was ready to start a plan without being strict to myself and till now have lost 9 Kgs.

Eating proper food, being aware of the needs of my body, eating and chewing slowly, drinking more water, early morning walks and not eating everything that i see through my eyes has not been difficult at all. Though sometimes i still feed my inner-child with some chocolate 😉 and it does not hurt me as i do not feel guilty about it and I eat it more consciously.

Here are some advices for all those who would like to try the program I have followed:

It all consists of when we go to the super market to buy food, we usually pick most of the stuff that our body doesn’t actually need or is unhealthy for us.  We even spend more than we require. 

Qeing! has been the solution for me. 

Prior to going to the Market: QE

While buying products: QE

Observe what you buy, and specially QE while cooking 

QE for 3 minutes or less before eating helps you stay Fit and Healthier. 

I used to say a little prayer-mantra before eating, I still continue doing it, but I do QE first, and enjoy my food and take all the nutrients of the same and my digest system works better.

I also noticed that my acidity is no longer there!.

I have become more conscious since I am in the Qe state most of the time,  it has helped me to be more aware of my body, pains, aches, which were more frequent, and some are are no longer there. 

It has been always extremely difficult for me to stick to a diet because it was always to be helped with medication to reduce fat etc… But this time, before I even planned anything it was done by Pure Awareness.  

I don’t only feel healthier physically but mentally too, which helps me perform my tasks better.  

Just a month back I was again under a lot of pressure and a bit of stress, though it is no longer the same, since now I am aware of Pure Awareness. One day i went and rushed to the Market and filled my basket with a lot of stuff which i had actually removed from my Conscious Diet, as I returned home and was feeling better after a long QE-self session and for 3 other people. I went to organize my shopping in the kitchen and thank God I kept the receipt because I went to return all that I actually did not need.  I bought it because I did my shopping without being “Aware”.

I have also removed some foods from my diet, but gradually, which i was really addicted too. 

I encourage all those people who find it difficult to stick to a diet or are just fed up to support their diet with fat-reducer or medical programs. To try with QE or to support their Diet Programs with QE, surely they will see the effects and will become aware of their body and its needs.

Needless to say that if you have any medical issues you should consult a professional but you can still support any program you follow with QE.

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