Fear and anxiety

I had much fear and anxiety following a health diagnosis and inability to sleep because of it. It really was a case of synchronicity that I found Dr. Frank’s book on instant healing. Just reading through it felt empowering. Then I found the QE Practice Group and engaged in some sessions which helped appreciably. 

Anxiety was the overwhelming emotion involved. I was a meditator and involved with 3 different groups, not at the same time. The last one was Radha Suomi that taught a complicated meditation with many steps and 4 hours a day requirement along with strict diet and lifetime restrictions. After a number of years, I left in disgust and abandoned my meditation practices. What I really like about The Kinslow System is that I don’t have to sit like a pretzel, nor restrict the other mentioned items. The Self-session doesn’t feel like that “bad word ” meditation. I find I look forward to my sessions and enjoy doing extras because there is no longer the, “you have to do this” put on me by others. Also, I want to mention that the healing aspect of QE has done more for me and others I work with than the healing work I was initiated into on the banks of the Ganges River. That was another restrictive and dogmatic system. Guess I’ve gotten to the point in my life where I don’t want to march to the beat of another’s drum. 

The fear and anxiety is now gone. No more cold hands. I’m still working on the physical healing aspect and am much calmer and happier.  People around me are changing as I change it seems. Everyone is so much nicer. 

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