I had a lady coming to me with a lump on her throat; she was a chronic myeloid leukemia patient who was experiencing difficulties while swallowing anything from liquids to solid food for almost a week. She had developed a red patch on her throat and this lump. She was very desperate and scared that her chemotherapy treatment might have to be increased or changed with another severe drug.  We did a Quantum Entrainment session and after 20 minutes all her symptoms had completely disappeared and since then she had no problems with her throat again, yet she was still receiving oral chemotherapy for her condition. 
We kept on practicing Quantum Entrainment extended sessions for almost 3 months with the cooperation of another Practitioner who was doing QE remotely for the same lady but this time she came with muscular and joint pain complaints.  
After her medical reports the hematologist told her she has made amazing progress even at a molecular level. So not only did she heal her muscle pain condition but her CML Philadelphia chromosome is almost on the process of leaving her body.
As Dr Kinslow mentions in his seminars, Energy can go wherever there is more need. In this lady’s case the muscular pains had decreased but not considerably because there was need for the energy to help with her leukemia.

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